Nokia 230 Dual Manual

This is the Nokia 230 Dual manual as well as the settings. See the Nokia 230 network settings as well. The Nokia 230 dual SIM was released in November 2015. The phone is small (124.6 x 53.4 x 10.9 mm) and also very light (91.8 g). It has a dual sim and these are Mini-SIM. The design is very basic much like the older phones from years past but the 230 has smooth rounded edges. See the Nokia 230 internet settings below.

Nokia 230 Dual Manual

The screen is a standard TFT screen with 65,000 color on a very basic 240 x 320 pixels resolution. It has a dedicated memory slot for a microSD card with up to 32GB of space. There is also a phone-book with 1,000 entry ability. The phone also has a very basic 16MB of internal memory. For a budget phone the Nokia 230 Dual ManualNokia 230 Dual comes with 2 cameras. There is a front camera with 2 megapixels as well as a rear camera with 2 megapixels. It also uses an LED flash. See further down the Nokia 230 network settings.

The phone also comes with the standard Bluetooth v3 a loudspeaker and a 3.5mm jack. The phone however does not have WLAN, no GPS and has a standard radio built in. Safe to say that there is no Java on the phone and it still uses WAP. It has a reported 500 hours of standby time and 23 hours of talk time. All powered by a removable Li-Ion 1200 mAh battery.

The phone is cheap at about €70. Its a very basic phone and has clearly been aimed at the budget sector of the mobile phone market.


Nokia 230 Dual User Manual


The Nokia 109 is listed here as well as the Nokia 230 internet settings and the Nokia 230 manual. You will also be able to look at the Nokia 2690 here. There is also the Nokia 2710 navigation mobile phone. The Nokia 3210 and the Nokia 5132 as well as the Nokia 530. There is also Nokia x6 which is an old phone.

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Nokia 230 Internet Settings

Nokia 230 Issues

There is no Inbox , Sent items and Drafts on the phone?

– The Nokia 230 uses an SMS Chat based view on the SMS view. This cannot be changed.

When I want to send an SMS there is no option to add the telephone number?

– The Nokia layouts have been changed since 2013 and that feature was apparently left out.

When I call the sound is very soft and I cannot hear the other person. how do I change this?

– You can change it by going up/down with the navigation key or settings>profile>general

For any other issues you need to look at the user manual for the phone which has been added below. These are just some of the common issues about the phone which you cannot change, such as the SMS view format.

How to Set which SIM card to use

When you have two SIM cards in your phone then you have to set which SIM in the phone to use. This is done as follows where you select connectivity then to the dual SIM and then the dual SIM settings. This is shown below.

Select Menu > Settings > Connectivity > Dual SIM > Dual SIM settings

You have the option to setup your dual SIM as follows:

To use a SIM to use for calls – Select Call then Switch Always ask to Off then Select Preferred SIM.

If you want a SIM for messagesSelect Messaging > Switch Always ask to Off > Select Preferred SIM.

For mobile dataSwitch Mobile data connection to On > Select Mobile data > Preferred SIM

How to Forward calls between your two SIMs

If you are on one SIM you can now redirect the calls to another SIM on the phone.

Select Menu > Smart Dual SIM > SIM numbers

Type in the numbers for both SIM’s. You can now choose SIM1 to SIM2 or SIM2 to SIM1

Change the wallpaper

You can also change the wallpaper on your Nokia 230 Dual SIM mobile phone by following the next set of instructions.

Select Menu > Settings > Display settings > Wallpaper.

Select a wallpaper.

Set the ringtone

If you want to change the ringtone on your mobile phone then this is how to change the ringtone on the Nokia 230 Dual SIM.

Select Menu > Settings > Tones

Select Ringtone. If needed, Select a SIM card.

Choose a Ringtone, and Select OK.

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Writing text

If you want to type in a space then Press 0.

Now if you want to change character cases Press # repeatedly.

Predictive Text

If you want to turn off predictive text or make changes then you will need to be the following:

Select Options > Dictionary and the language.

When you start writing a word and the word is shown then Press 0.

– How to Change a Word

Press * repeatedly

– How to add a new Word

First write the word, then Press * repeatedly to skip all words then Select Spell, and write the word.

– Switch between Predictive and Traditional text

Press # repeatedly.

– How to Switch predictive text off

Select Options > Dictionary > Dictionary off.

How to Switch Mobile data off on the Nokia 230 Dual

Menu > Settings > Connectivity > Dual SIM and Switch Mobile data connection to Off

How to Turn On / Off Bluetooth 

Select Menu > Settings > Connectivity > Bluetooth, and switch Bluetooth to On.

How to Set an Alarm

If you want to set the alarm on the phone then complete the following:

Select Menu > Alarm Clock > Select Alarm > Select Edit > Select Change

Now set your hour and scroll down and then you set the minutes. Now scrolls right and then up and down. Once complete you can select OK and then Click on Save.

How to Add a calendar reminder

If you want to setup your calendar then you will be completed as follows:

Select Menu > Calendar > Select a date and Options > Add event

Now type in the name of your event and then also set the time. Scroll down and then Select Change. Now set the hour and scroll to minutes and then Click on Save.

How to Change the time and date on the Nokia 230 Dual

If you are going to change the date and time on the phone then this is how you will do this:

Select Menu > Settings > Date and time

Firstly you will first need to turn off the auto-update on the phone. This under auto-update Off

– Time, scroll down, and select Time. Use the scroll key to set the time, and select OK.

– Date, scroll down, and select Date. Use the scroll key to set the date, and select OK.

How to Check the IMEI

You can check the IMEI by simply dialing *#06#

How to use internet in Nokia 230

If you are going to surf the internet then you will use

Select Menu > Internet > Surf or search.

If you are looking for internet settings then this will depend on your service provider. See the APN settings on the bar at the top of the website for your country and service provider. See the Nokia 230 Dual manual listed above that you can download. As you can see the Nokia 230 internet settings added above. This as well as the Nokia 230 network settings.



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