Nokia 2710 Navigation

The Nokia 2710 Navigation is a very basic mobile phone brought out by Nokia in May 2010. The phone used a single network being 2G connectivity and covered the GSM 850, 900, 1800 and 1900 frequency range. It also came with a TFT screen and 256K colour. The one nice thing about the mobile phone was that it came with a large screen being 240×320 pixels and like most in its class it came with MP3 ringtones and vibration ring only.

Nokia 2710 Navigation

The Nokia 2710 Navigator came with an SDCard slot and came with a 2GB card which you could upgrade to 16GB. Many 2710second hand units come without the standard 2GB card so ask about the card if you are buying a used phone. The phone also came with Class 32 GPRS and Class 10 EDGE which had speeds at 236.8kbps.

There is single camera in the mobile which is a 2MP camera which was standard in the day running at 1600×1200 pixels. The video is in QVGA and runs at 15fps. At these speeds you cant move the camera around fast when recording as it will become blur during the recording. The Nokia 2710 Navigation settings have been added below in the user manual.

It seems like you’ve provided information about a mobile phone camera, specifically a 2MP camera on the Nokia 2710 Navigation device. The camera specifications include a resolution of 1600×1200 pixels for photos. Likewise a QVGA (Quarter VGA) video recording at 15 frames per second (fps).


You mentioned a concern about potential blurring. This when moving the camera around quickly during recording. This is a common issue in lower frame rate videos, where rapid movements can result in motion blur. To minimize this effect. It’s advisable to record videos with slower or more controlled movements. Especially when using devices with lower frame rates.

If you have specific settings or features related to the camera on the Nokia 2710 Navigation. This that you would like more information about. Then, please provide additional details or specify the settings you’re interested in, and I’ll do my best to assist you.

Lastly the phone comes with a radio and A-GPS and also with MMS, SMS amd Wap with an added compass and accelerometer. With a talk-time of just over 12 hours and a standby time of 21 days the Nokia 2710 makes for a phone you could do with. See the user manual below for more information about the phone and how to use the phone. You can also use the Nokia Software Suite to connect to the phone from your computer.


Text Messages

Your phone can send text messages that are longer than the usual limit. These long messages are split into two or more separate messages. Keep in mind, your service provider might charge you extra for this. Characters with accents or other marks, or certain language options, take up more space. This reduces the number of characters you can send in a single message. You can see the total number of characters left and the number of messages needed for sending on your screen. Likewise see also the Nokia Asha 311 User Manual.

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To send messages

Your phone needs to have the correct message centre number. Usually, this number is automatically set through your SIM card. If you need to set the number manually, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Menu > Messaging > More > Msg. settings > Text messages > Message centre.
  2. Enter the name and number given by your service provider.

To create a message:

  1. Go to Menu > Messaging > Create message.
  2. Write your message.
  3. If you want to add a special character or a smiley, go to Options > Insert symbol.
  4. If you want to attach something to the message, go to Options > Insert object. This will change your message type to a multimedia message.
  5. To add recipients, select Send to and choose a recipient.
  6. If you want to enter a phone number or email address manually, select Number or mail. Enter a phone number, or select E-mail, and enter an email address.
  7. Finally, select Send.

Flash messages

These are text messages that pop up on the screen immediately when you receive them. To send a flash message, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Menu > Messaging.
  2. Select More > Other messages > Flash message.
  3. Write your message.
  4. Select Send to and choose a contact.

You can also create and send audio messages using MMS. Here’s how:

  1. Go to Menu > Messaging.
  2. Select More > Other messages > Audio message. This will open the voice recorder.
  3. To record your message, press the record button.
  4. To stop recording, press the stop button.
  5. Select Send to and choose a contact.

You can change the settings of your messages by going to Menu > Messaging and More > Msg. settings. Here, you can adjust the font size for messages, activate graphical smileys and delivery reports, set up message centres for text messages and SMS mail, allow delivery reports and the reception of multimedia messages and advertisements, and set up other preferences related to multimedia messages. Likewise see also the Nokia 7230 Manual.


Change Tone

You can change the tone settings of the selected active profile by going to Menu > Settings > Tones. You can find the same settings in the Profiles menu.

To view or adjust the wallpaper, font size, or other features related to the device display, go to Menu > Settings > Display.


To set the date and time

Likewise, go to Menu > Settings > Date and time. Here, you can set the date and time, choose the date and time format, and update the time automatically according to the current time zone.

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Make a Backup

For synchronisation and backup, go to Menu > Settings > Sync & backup. Here, you can synchronise or copy selected data, such as your contacts, calendar entries, notes, or messages, between your device and another device. You can also back up selected data and restore data from a backup. Your phone has several features that allow you to connect to other devices to transmit and receive data. This is referred to as connectivity. Likewise see the Nokia Lumia 525 Manual.


Bluetooth technology

This lets you connect your device to a compatible Bluetooth device or accessory within 10 metres (32 feet) using radio waves. Here’s how you can set it up:

  1. Go to Menu > Settings > Connectivity > Bluetooth.
  2. Choose My phone’s name and enter a name for your device.
  3. Turn on Bluetooth.
  4. To connect your device to an audio accessory, choose Conn. to audio acc. and the device you want to connect to.
  5. To pair your device with any Bluetooth device in range, choose Paired devices > Add new device. Scroll to a found device, and select Add. Enter a passcode (up to 16 characters) on your device, and allow the connection on the other Bluetooth device.

If you’re worried about security, you can turn off the Bluetooth function, or set Phone visibility to Hidden. Only accept Bluetooth communication from those you trust. Likewise also see the Nokia Asha 203 Manual.


Factory Reset Nokia 2710 Navigation

To restore your phone back to factory settings, go to Menu > Settings > Rest. fact. sett. You can choose to reset all preference settings without deleting any personal data (Settings only), or reset all preference settings and delete all personal data, such as contacts, messages, media files, and activation keys (All).

You can set an alarm to sound at a specific time. Here’s how:

  1. Go to Menu > Applications > Alarm clock.
  2. Set the alarm and enter the alarm time.
  3. If you want the alarm to sound on selected days of the week, choose Repeat: > On and the days.
  4. Choose the alarm tone. If you choose the radio as the alarm tone, connect the headset to the device.
  5. Set the length of the snooze time-out period, and select Save.

To stop the alarm, select Stop. If you let the alarm sound for a minute or select Snooze, the alarm stops for the length of the snooze time-out period, then resumes.


The Nokia 109 is listed here as well as the Nokia 230 internet settings and the Nokia 230 manual. You will also be able to look at the Nokia 2690 here. There is also the Nokia 2710 navigation mobile phone. The Nokia 3210 and the Nokia 5132 as well as the Nokia 530. There is also Nokia x6 which is an old phone.


Nokia 2710 Navigation

Nokia 2710 Navigation Manual



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