Nokia 3210 Review

The Nokia 3210 review must be the “mother of all phones”. Released in 1999 you would not believe me if I told you how many of these phones I still see today. In my view this phone is what made the Nokia brand into what it became later. For all the mobile phones on the market today the Nokia 3210 is an icon of the industry.

Nokia 3210 Review

The Nokia 3210 brought with it what the Nokia 6150 brought to the market – dual band.  The phone had 2G both GSM 900 as well as GSM 1800. Everything on this phone was standard such as the 5 line Monochrome graphic screen, 8 dialed, 8 received, 8 missed calls call view ability however it brought with something new – your phone-book was on the SIM.

Nokia 3210 ReviewThe phone had the usual clock and alarm which the Nokia 5110 brought to market. The phone however did not have an infra-red port or for that matter voice dialing. I am not certain what made this phone such an icon that is become the flagship for mobile phones.

It was a tough phone that was certain. Even without a protective cover it could take its knocks well. It was a very robust phone and well designed to the extent that it would even take an occasional water splash without any problems. Maybe that is what gave it the icon status it has even today – it was the Nokia phone that could be treated like a battle tank and still survive. Its maybe because of this robustness of the phone that its longevity might have led to its icon status.


The Nokia 109 is listed here as well as the Nokia 230 internet settings and the Nokia 230 manual. You will also be able to look at the Nokia 2690 here. There is also the Nokia 2710 navigation mobile phone. The Nokia 3210 and the Nokia 5132 as well as the Nokia 530. There is also Nokia x6 which is an old phone.


You can still find them for sale on Ebay today. They tend to be full of scratch marks which shows how it can take its knocks. The Nokia 3210 had an easy to understand menu, excellent battery life, perfect design. Oh how I miss the days when we still had high standards. If you have forgotten the box used to read – Made in Finland!

The Nokia 3210 was a legend!




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