Dual SIM Settings : Nokia Asha 501

Hard ResetIf you have a Nokia Asha 501 mobile phone then this might be of help to you. You will need to setup your dual SIM mobile phone as explained below. Note that this will only work on a dual SIM mobile version of the Asha 501. The settings are simple and the dual phones make for great business phones where you can have an office phone and a home phone on the very same handset. See the instructions below for this.

Dual SIM Settings : Nokia Asha 501

First you will need to decide which SIM to use for which part of your business. You can use SIM 1 for business and SIM 2 for home. You can also use to different SIM’s from two different mobile networks but this makes things more complicated. Some mobile networks offer cheap SMS and internet calls while others might offer cheap calls. You can get the both of each world with this type of dual SIM mobile phone.

Press settings Dual SIM

> Switch Always ask to ON

> Select which SIM for each connection

If you only have one SIM then you will need to insert the SIM into the slot for SIM 1. Note that some features might only work in the SIM 1 slot. Note that when you setup outbound calls for SIM 1 and SIM 2 to incoming calls then you will be able to place the one on hold while you pick up the telephone call from the other. You can tap on the SIM settings and name your SIM cards. See also the other settings such as how to backup your contacts as well as changing your ringtone. See more on the Dual SIM Settings : Nokia Asha 501 mobile phone.

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