Nokia 7 Plus – Dual SIM settings

How toThese are the Nokia 7 Plus dual SIM settings. If you have a Nokia 7 Plus then you have the option of making use of the Dual SIM option on the mobile phone. You can look below at the settings and how best to setup your Dual SIM on your Nokia 7 Plus. Also note that the settings below are easy enough to follow so if you have one SIM for home and another SIM for business then you will enjoy what this phone has to offer.

Nokia 7 Plus – Dual SIM settings

Note that both SIM slots support 4G networks and if you are unable to get 4G on any of the SIMs then you will need to contact your service provider in this regard. The phone will show both SIM’s when they have been inserted into the phone. When you dial the number you have to choose a SIM to use with the number you had just dialled. Note that both SIM’s cant be used at the same time. If you are using SIM 1 then SIM 2 will not be available hence you will need to setup a mail box later for both SIM’s so you can retrieve your missed calls later.

You can decide which SIM goes for which either for business or personal use. Maybe SIM 1 has cheaper data rates while SIM 2 has unlimited telephone calls. You have to decide which SIM you will use for which. Start with this:

  • Tap Settings > Network & Internet > SIM Cards
  • Tap the SIM you want to rename and give it a name so you should have two names, one for each SIM
  • Under Preferred SIM for , tap the setting you want to change and select the SIM
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You preferred SIM is normally tour default SIM and the phone will use this one as a first option. Depending on the data plans for each phone you should consider which SIM to use for each of the two data plans that you have.

Nokia 7 Plus – Change PIN number

The SIM card lock needs 4-8 digits in order to work. That is the maximum and minimum for the SIM card password.

  • Tap Settings > Security & Location > SIM card lock
  • Set the SIM card, tap Change SIM PIN
  • Now type in your PIN number
  • If you dont want a lock then – Lock SIM card to Off
  • Now enter your current PIN number

Note which SIM you are setting and if you wish to have different PIN for each SIM or use the same PIN for both cards. If you type in your SIM PIN wrong three times in a row then you will need the PUK number from your mobile phone provider. Sometimes it comes on the card that the SIM was attached to.

Nokia 7 Plus – IMEI Number

To view your IMEI number, dial *#06#


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