Nokia 105 Ringtone Change

mobile phone settingsDo you know how to do a Nokia 105 Ringtone Change? If you have the older Nokia 105 mobile phones then you can find the user manual for the Nokia 105 on this website. You will note below is the basics from the user manual on how to change the ringtone on the Nokia 105. There are not many options on these old phones.

If you wish to change the predictive text on the phone then you can search this website for more details on how this gets done. Below are the basics for changing the ringtone.

Nokia 105 Ringtone Change

The following is the easiest to follow. Always ensure that your phone is fully charged before you change the settings on the mobile phone. Note that you have to start by selecting the menu option.

icn-sony-key-menuSelect Menu > Settings > Tone settings.

icn-sony-key-menuSelect Ringing tone

icn-sony-key-menuPick a Ringtone, and select OK.

Tip: To switch quickly to silent profile, press and hold #.

Save a name and phone number


icn-sony-key-menuPress Menu, and select Contacts.

icn-sony-key-menuSelect Add contact

icn-sony-key-menuWrite the name, and press OK, then type in the number, and press OK.



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