Nokia Asha 501 User Manual

This is the owners manual or user manual for the Nokia Asha 501 mobile phone from Nokia. This mobile phone in is not line with such mobile phones as the Nokia Lumia 928 which has far more features but is a more basic phone. Its starts with a very basic 128MB memory built into the phone. It also uses the Nokia Asha software platform 1.0 software to run and comes with a 3MP camera.

Its a perfect phone for a younger person who only wants the basics of a mobile phone without all the bells that you would normally expect. Below is the mobile phone manual for this phone. You can also see another listing which has been added on this website here.

Nokia Asha 501 User Manual

Nokia Asha 501 User Manual

Download Nokia Asha 501 User Manual

Download Nokia Asha 501 PC Suite

Note that you can use WhatsApp on the phone if you use the older version of the software. Support for the software will be stopped at the end of 2016. Consider upgrading your mobile phone if you still want to use it.

Whatsapp Nokia
WhatsApp for Nokia 501

If the mobile phone does not connect then disconnect the phone. Restart your computer and restart the PC Suite software BEFORE connecting the mobile phone. Once the software is running and searching for the phone only then connect the mobile phone to the USB connector.

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