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Nokia X2-02 – Connectivity

The Connectivity of the Nokia X2-02 can be with Bluetooth as well as the WiFi or wireless connection on your mobile phone. You will be able to setup your internet using these settings. See also the other settings for the mobile phone such as sending messages, transfer of data as well as call setup.

Nokia X2-02 – Connectivity

Here you will see how to setup your internet settings on your Nokia X2-2 as well as how to connect your Bluetooth mobile phone to your Bluetooth headsets as well as how best to manage all your wireless connections on this mobile phone.

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Bluetooth Connectivity

Bluetooth works with line of sight and you will need to be close to the headset of Bluetooth speakers in order to make your wireless connection. Note the following way to turn on your Bluetooth connection:

  • Select Menu > Settings > Connectivity > Bluetooth

Note that there are laws which restrict its use. In France you could only use Bluetooth indoors and it is illegal to use Bluetooth outside until the law changed in 2012. So always check for your Bluetooth use in the country in which you are located.

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 Send content to another device using Bluetooth

This can be done when the other phone is in range. This is normally in line of sight within 10 meters of the other phone or device. This is how to send data or a picture via Bluetooth on the Nokia X2-02

  • Options > Send > Via Bluetooth

Note that you should always turn off your Bluetooth for your own safety when not in use.

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Nokia X2-02 Manual Internet Settings

This is going to depend on where you are as usually when you insert the SIM card the settings will be installed for you automatically. This is how to insert the settings manually.

  • You can configure Your phone manually for mobile internet. 
  • Start screen.
  • Choose Menu.
  • Choose Settings, and then Select.
  • Scroll down.
  • Choose Configuration, and then Select.
  • Scroll down.
  • Choose Personal settings, and then Select.
  • If this screen appears, choose Add.
  • If this screen does not appear, choose OptionsAdd new, and then Select.
  • Choose Web, and then Select.
  • Choose Account nameSelect, enter Mobile Internet, and choose OK.
  • Choose User nameSelect, enter web, and choose OK.
  • Choose PasswordSelect, enter web, and choose OK.
  • Choose Use pref. acces pt.,  SelectNo, and then Select.
  • Choose Access point sett., and then Select.
  • Choose ProxySelectDisable, and then Select.
  • Choose Bearer settings, and then Select.
  • Choose Packet data acc. pt.Select, enter, and choose OK.
  • Choose Authentication typeSelectNormal, and then Select.
  • Choose User nameSelect, enter web, and choose OK.
  • Choose PasswordSelect, enter web, choose OK, enter web for the second time, and choose OK.
  • Choose three times Back.
  • Choose Mobile InternetOptionsActivate, and then Select.
  • Return to the Start screen.


Note that you can find the most common APN settings on the top menu bar from many of the service providers from around the world. You will need to insert these APN settings in your mobile phone in order to get a mobile phone internet connection.


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