Nokia X2-02 – Backup & Transfer Data

The Nokia X2-02, backup and transfer data is explained here. If you are going to change your mobile phone then you will need to know how to change out the Nokia X2-02 mobile phone. You can now copy, for example, contacts, calendar entries and other data from your old phone to your new phone. You will see how to do this and make a backup of your phone or transfer all your data to or from the Nokia X2-02.

Nokia X2-02 – Backup & Transfer Data

You can find more information on the Nokia X2-02 user manual and instructions elsewhere on this web page. First you will need to access and open Bluetooth on both mobile phones:

  • Select Menu > Settings > Connectivity > Bluetooth
  • Menu > Settings > Sync & backup
  • Switch > Copy to this
  • Select the content to copy and Done
  • Select your previous phone from the list.

This is how to backup your data via Bluetooth on the mobile phone. Ensure that you have all the needed passwords as well as all the needed access to connect the two mobile phones. You can find more information here.

If you are going to do a factory reset then consider making a backup to your SDcard in the mobile phone. You can remove the SDcard once you have made the backup and then do a hard rest of the mobile phone. The instructions are as follows:

Back up your content to a memory card

  • Select Menu > Settings > Sync & backup.
  • Select Create backup
  • Restore a backup
  • Select Restore backup
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Note that you can restore the data again once you are done as show above using the very same process which you used to make up the backup in the first place.


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