Microsoft Lumia 532 Manual

Download the Microsoft Lumia 532 manual here. The Lumia 532 looks like an upgrade of the Lumia 435 which is also listed on this website. You can see the full specs of the phone on that page. Let look at what is different between the two phones being the Lumia 532 and the Lumia 435. You will also find answers to many of the questions answered with regarding the operation of the phone as well as the hardware specs for the Lumia 532. The hardware is explained and the most common questions about the phone is answered later below.

Microsoft Lumia 532 Manual

The differences listed in the table above is between the two telephones. The Lumia 435 has a number of changes but these are mainly its connectivity and it processing power. We have added the user manual for the Lumia 532 below so you can look at what the phone has to offer. Its a bit more expensive than the 435 however the differences do make a difference if you are looking for a more multimedia phone. The Lumia 532 did not come with a PDF user manual after Microsoft took over from Nokia. There is no PDF in this regards. What can be provided is the specifications of the Lumia 532 and some of the most common questions you have about the mobile phone.

Lumia 532 Specifications

The Microsoft Lumia comes with a Microsoft Windows 8.1 operating system and it is powered by a quad core processor. It has all the usual bells and whistles that Microsoft likes to as and does support Skype and an extensive range of 3rd party applications. There are 4 different colours for the phone and it is light at only 136 grams.

Battery Life

The battery life is good with more than 20 hours of talk time before a recharge on GSM and about 12 hours talk time on 3G. Video playback is a very good 7 hours and MP3 music playback at more than 23 hours. The standby time is more than 22 days. The battery is a removable 1560 mAh battery and it does not comes with wireless charging.

Hardware Specifications

The phone is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 MSM 8212, 1.2 GHz quad-core and 1GB RAM, 8 GB internal mass memory plus up to 128 GB MicroSD & 30 GB free One Drive cloud storage once the camera roll backup is activated.  The screen is large much like other Lumia phones in the range and comes with a  4” WVGA LCD, capacitive multipoint-touch screen with 800×480 pixels. Note that the phone comes with a  5 MP Fixed Focus camera as its primary camera which is capable of 30 fps video however it has no flash.

The secondary camera is a standard VGA camera. In terms of connectivity it comes with  A-GPS/GLONASS, WIFI (2.4 GHz) b/g/n,microUSB as well as a BT 4.0 / Micro SIM. The phone also comes with a bundle of useful sensors such as an Accelerometer, Ambient light sensor and an Optical proximity sensor. In terms of the audio there is a 3.5 mm AV connector (AHJ) which is standard today on most mobile phones. There is also an FM Radio and a music player on the phone.

Mobile Connectivity

GSM/EDGE: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
WCDMA: Band 1 (2100 MHz), Band 2 (1900 MHz), Band 5 (850 MHz), Band 8 (900 MHz)

The following would be the most common question people have about the Lumia 532 mobile phone. Since there is a lack of a user manual in PDF format the most common question will need to be answered in this format. you might find the answers you are looking for by looking at the most common questions which you might have with this mobile phone.

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How to change the Wallpaper or Theme

This is very easy to do on the phone. Follow the instructions as listed below.

Click on Settings






Then Click on Start + Themes

Lumia 532 wallpaper change






Then Click on Change Photo






The menu will open and you can choose a photo from your mobile phone.


Change the font of Microsoft Lumia 532

To change the font of the phone you will need to enter the settings on the phone then click on the Display tab on the phone. Now you simply need to click on the Font tab and you can change your font from there. If you do not see this then you might need to download from software from Google Play. Most users however will be able to see the Font tab on their phone.

How to turn off the keyboard sound

To get rid of the keyboard sound there is an easy way to end this annoyance. Simply go into the Lumia 532 Settings tab. Then Click on Language tab. You will then simply see the different keyboards and simply choose the default keyboard. Then click on Preferences where each key has a sound. Simply uncheck what you do not want. The keyboard sounds will now stop.

Settings > Language > Preferences

How to Copy & Paste in Lumia 532

If you want to copy and paste from the internet to a documents file or email then you can see the example below. Touch a word in the sentence you want to copy.

There are two brackets on the side of the word. Now simply touch the right bracket and stretch it to the end of the text you want to copy. Then touch the left bracket and drag that to the beginning of the text you wish to copy. Once the entire text you wish to copy has been highlighted simply click on the “document icon” on top of the text. This will copy all the text you highlighted into the phones memory. Now you need to go where you want the text pasted. Open your document file and you will see that there is an icon again on the bottom bar. Click in the document where you want to past the text and simply click on the icon and it will paste the text where you wanted it.

How to set call forwarding on Lumia 532

You can forward your telephone calls in a number of ways on the Lumia 532 and this can be set with options. These call forwarding options are as follows:

  • Constantly transfer
  • If you are busy
  • If there is no answer
  • If you are unreachable

You can follow the pictures below. Firstly you will need to Click on Settings on your phone and then Click on Network+ to set the options as shows below.

How to set call forwarding on Lumia 532

How to backup your Microsoft Lumia 532

If you wish to backup your Lumia 532 then you can do this with an application on the Windows operating system on the phone. You can use a program called Contacts and Message backup. Most times it is already installed on the phone. People normally only do this when they are going to sell their phone or sending in for repairs for insurance purposes and need to hard reset their phones. Once the application is installed you will need to start the back up process. Follow the pictures below.

Backup Option 1 (SDCard)

Locate the SoftwareClick on BackupClick on Backup
Select the Backup optionsSaves backup to SDCard

Backup Option 2 (Cloud)

Click on SettingsClick on BackupSee the Backup Options

Back Up Applications:

  1. Swipe the Start screen left and tap “Settings
  2. Tap “backup” > “app list + settings
  3. Enable the “App backup” switch
  4. If necessary, login with your Microsoft account
  5. Tap “back up now” > “continue


Back Up Photos and Videos:

  1. From the “Settings” menu, swipe to and tap “backup
  2. Tap “photos + videos
  3. Choose the desired setting to upload your media files to OneDrive:
    • For Photos you can choose:
      • Good quality (may use data plan)
      • Best quality (needs Wi-Fi)
      • Don’t upload
    • For videos you can select:
      • Best quality
      • Don’t upload
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Transfer photos from Microsoft Lumia 532

If you wish to transfer your photos from your phone to your computer then you will need to plug your USB cable into the phone and into the computer. You will see the phone on the computer as another drive. You can now copy your photos and files from your Lumia 532 to your computers hard drive. Normally a notification will appear on your phone and activate the Multimedia Device or USB storage option. The computer will normally see only the available drive being the SDCard and this is normally stored in the directory called DCIM.

How to factory reset your Microsoft Lumia 532

Ensure that you have made a backup of your mobile phone. This can be seen above this part of the webpage. Ensure that your settings are backed up as well as your photos and your applications and mail. Remove the SDCard from your mobile phone if you are going to do a reset and have your photos and other files in storage on the card. Not that you cannot recover the files or settings once a hard reset has been done as a factory reset will permanently delete everything on the phone.

Click on Settings > Click on About > Click on Reset your Phone 

The system will now start the reset process.

Add a photo to contacts on Microsoft Lumia 532

You can add a photo to the contact of your contact on your mobile phone. This can be done as follows:

Click on the ArrowClick on PeoplePick the Person
Add a photo to contacts on Microsoft Lumia 532
Click on the Edit ButtonClick on Add PhotoChoose a Photo

Ass you can see it is very easy to look at the your phone and add a photo to your contacts. The Lumia 532 does a good job at this. The next time your friend calls you can see their picture appear on the phone when it rings. Likewise see the Nokia 630 Transfer Data or Backup as well as the Nokia Lumia 830 Manual.

How to Change language on Microsoft Lumia 532

You can change the language on your mobile phone by following the menu system on the Lumia 532. You can follow the instructions as follows:

Settings > Advanced Settings > Language and Input > Language and Region > Language

Fix insufficient storage available on Microsoft Lumia 532

If your mobile phone is full then you will need to look at moving your photos and files onto your SDCard. This is normally the easiest to do than uninstalling software which you have on your phone. This is normally shown as “Microsoft Lumia 532 memory is full”. The memory full can be solved by simply moving the large files onto the SDCard on your mobile phone.

How to fix Microsoft Lumia 532 black screen

If your screen has gone black then first check if the phone is on. There is a small LED light on the phone which you can check at the top to see if the screen is on. Check the charge on the battery and also restart the phone to see if the phone screen still is black. If that fails then consider removing the SDCard and restart the phone again. Turn off the phone, remove the SDCard and then start the phone. If that fails then check the battery connections or leave it on the charger to see if the screen shows up. Still nothing then remove the SDCard as well as the SIM card and see if the screen shows up now. If all else fails then you might need to take your phone in to a repair shop. Likewise see also the Hard Reset Microsoft Lumia 650 on here.

Microsoft Lumia 532 turns off randomly

Check if there is software which is restarting the mobile phone. If that is not the problem then consider to let the battery drain completely as the battery might be calibrated incorrectly as it might think it is empty when it is not. The Lumia 532 is overheating and is restarting because of the heat. Check if the phone is very hot and not ventilated. If this fails then you may need to take the phone in for repairs.

Block anonymous calls 

You can block any anonymous calls to your phone as can be seen from the graphic. First you will need to Click on Call + SMS Filter. Then look at the bottom and Click on Advanced. Then Slide “Blocked Withheld Numbers” to the On position. This will block all those unwanted calls you dont want. If you want to block regular automated calls from salesmen then you can as can be seen on page 2 below you can Click on Blocked Numbers to block any specific callers. Likewise see also the Microsoft Lumia 535 Manual as well as the Nokia Lumia 530 Manual.

Block anonymous calls

Change the alarm ringtone on Lumia 

In order the set the alarm on the Lumia 530 you can follow the steps below from the Settings menu. Note also that you can also change the alarm ringtone on the Lumia 532 at the same time. Likewise see also the Nokia Lumia 800 Manual.



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