Apple Iphone 3 User Manual

This is the user manual for the Apple Iphone 3. Its a much better version of the phone than the iPhone 2 manual however this is still excellent value for money even in the second hand mobile phone market. Consider upgrading your mobile phone for more features. There is also the Apple iPhone 4s user manual and Apple iPhone 4 manual on this website.

Apple iPhone 3 User Manual

The owners manual for the Iphone 3 has been listed below so you know how to operate the phone. If you have any questions then ask Apple for more technical information which the manual might not provide. For iPhone OS 3.1 Software. Note the manual below as it should show you all the settings you will need to know from your iPhone 3 instructions.

Installing the SIM Card

Most times the SIM card is already installed as they are mainly offered on contract. There is now a huge second hand market for secondhand Apple iPhone 3 mobile phones. Now if your Apple does not have a SIM card that was preinstalled, you must install the SIM card into the iPhone 3 before you can use iPhone.

Apple Iphone 3 User Manual

  • First you will need to insert the end of the SIM eject tool into the hole on the Apple SIM tray;
  • Then press firmly in and push it straight in until the phones tray pops out;
  • Now if you don’t have an eject tool for the SIM then you can use a paper clip;
  • Slowly pull out the SIM tray and put the SIM card into the tray;
  • Note the angle on the SIM so that it is installed correctly;
  • Now carefully replace the SIM and push the tray back into the phone.

How to setup a mail account:

If you want to setup a mail account on your iPhone 3 then following the next process. The iPhone 3 user manual as been added below for reference. This in the event that you are looking at doing something else. Its a very large file so watch this if you are on mobile data. The file is in a zip file to help make it smaller.

  • On the Home screen press Settings;
  • Press “Mail, Contacts, Calendars,” then press Add Account;
  • Press an account type: Microsoft Exchange•MobileMe•Google Email
  • Enter your information and press Save;
  • Exchange accounts: Enter your complete email address, domain (optional), user name, password, and a description.


Typing is easy with the iPhone 3. See how to make uppercase letters and change your text. These are the basic instructions for you to learn how to use the basic features of the Apple iPhone 3 smartphone.

Type uppercase

In order to make an uppercase letter you will need to press the up button on the keyboard before you press the letter. you can also touch and hold the Shift key, then slide to a letter to make it uppercase.

Quickly type a period and space

You can press the space bar twice for this. You can change this by the settings of the phone by going,

Now you can turn this feature on or off with – Settings > General > Keyboard

Turn caps lock on

To make all the letters uppercase. You will need to press the and press it twice. Touch it again and the caps lock will be removed for the next letters.

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Show numbers, punctuation, or symbols

If you wish to show punctuation marks or other symbols then press the number .?123 key.


If you wish to reject the suggested word, complete your typing of the word, then tap the “x” to dismiss the suggestion. The more you reject the word the less the dictionary will suggest the word. If you wish to accept the word then press space and then a punctuation mark. If you wish to turn off or turn on the suggestions then got to:

General > Keyboard (Turn auto-correction on or off from there.)

International Keyboards

If you want to change the keyboard to Japanese or Korean then you will need to press on the to switch keyboards. When you press the symbol. Then the name of the newly activated keyboard appears briefly. This is how you change the language on the iPhone 3.

Joining a Wi-Fi Network

You will also find this in the Apple Iphone 3 user manual. If you want to join a WiFi network then you will need to turn on the WiFi of the phone. You can only do this as follows:

Choose Settings > Wi-Fi and turn Wi-Fi on

Cellular Data Network Access

If you wish to turn on 3G then do the following:

In Settings, choose General > Network and tap Enable 3G.

Turn Data Roaming on: In Settings, choose General > Network and turn Data Roaming on.

Using iPhone as a Modem

If you are going to use your iPhone 3 as a modem for your computer or laptop then complete the following:

  • In Settings, choose General > Network > Internet Tethering;
  • Slide the Internet Tethering switch to On;
  • Connect iPhone to your computer;

With USB: Look on your computer and choose iPhone in the computer’s Network services settings.

Bluetooth: Settings > General > Bluetooth and turn on Bluetooth then pair with another phone.

Security Features

You can find the security features in the Apple Iphone 3 user manual which you can also download below.

Set a password : Choose General > Passcode Lock and enter a 4-digit passcode, then enter the passcode again to verify it.

Prevent voice dialing when iPhone is locked: In Settings, choose General > Passcode Lock and turn Voice Dial off.

How to Restart and Reset your iPhone 3

If something is not working then you can stop the application or reset the Apple iPhone 3. There is also the option to reset the phone to its factory defaults. Note that once the data is deleted with this, it will be permanently gone. So ensure that you made a backup before you reset the iPhone 3.

Restart iPhone:

Press and Hold the Sleep/Wake button until the red slider appears. Slide your finger across the slider to turn off iPhone.

Force quit an application:

Press and Hold the Sleep/Wake button until the red slider appears. Slide your finger across the slider to turn off iPhone.

Reset iPhone:

Press and Hold the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button at the same time for at least ten seconds, until the Apple logo appears. This will reset the mobile phone and this will delete all your data as it is a soft reset for the Apple iPhone 3. You can find this in the attached Apple Iphone 3 user manual.

How to Assigning a Photo to a Contact

You can now give your contact a photo. This is done as follows.

  • Take the photo with the camera from the Home screen
  • Take the persons picture or select any photo already on iPhone;
  • Press “Assign to Contact” and choose a contact.
  • The position and size the photo until it looks the way you want.
  • Now drag the photo to pan, and pinch to zoom in or out.
  • Press Set Photo.
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Set a photo as wallpaper:

You can se the wallpaper on the iPhone 3 as follows:

Settings > Wallpaper > Wallpaper from the Home screen

  • You can Choose any photo and press , then press Use As Wallpaper
  • Now Drag the photo to pan, or pinch the photo to zoom in or out, until it looks the way you want.\
  • Then press Set Wallpaper.

How to Change Weather Locations

Press Weather from the Home screen to start the process. You might want more or a different city or Fahrenheit/Celsius option to show.

Add a city:

  • Press , then Press .
  • Enter a city name or postal code, then press Search.
  • Choose a city in the search list.


  • Switch to another city: Flick left or right, or tap to the left or right of the row of dots.
  • The number of dots below the weather board shows how many cities are stored.


  • Reorder cities: Press , then drag next to a city to a new place in the list
  • Delete a city: Press and Press next to a city, then tap Delete.
  • Display temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius: Press , then tap °F or °C.

How to Set your Clock

You can change your time and timezone on the iPhone 3 by following these.

  • Press World Clock.
  • Press , then type the name of a city.
  • Cities that match what you’ve typed appear below.
  • Press on a city to add a clock for that city.
  • If you don’t see your city, then choose a city in the same time zone.


Delete a clock: Press World Clock and then Press Edit. Then Press next to a clock and then Press Delete.
Rearrange clocks: Press World Clock and Press Edit. Then drag next to a clock to a new place on your list.


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How to setup your Alarm

You can setup your alarm with these settings. Follow the procedures to set the alarm on your iPhone 3. You can see these in the iPhone user manual below as these are just the most common settings on your phone.

  • Press Alarm and then Press .
  • Adjust following settings to setup your alarm.
  • Repeat each day or certain days, Press Repeat and choose the days.
  • Choose the ringtone when the alarm goes off, press Sound.
  • You can also add the option to hit snooze, turn Snooze on or off.
  • If Snooze is on the sound will stop and sound again in ten minutes.
  • You can also give the alarm a description, Press Label. The iPhone 3 will display the label when the alarm goes off.

Setup Call Forwarding

You can also forward calls on the iPhone 3. These are easy to setup.

  • Phone > Call Forwarding and turn Call Forwarding on
  • Press Forwarding To and enter the phone number you want calls forwarded to.

To Activate or deactivate call waiting:

Choose Phone > Call Waiting, then turn Call Waiting on or off.

Show or hide your caller ID:

Choose Phone > Show My Caller ID, then turn Show My Caller ID on or off.

Changing Your Voicemail Password

Choose Phone > Change Voicemail Password

Locking Your SIM Card

Note that some providers will not allow emergency calls when the phone is locked. This is how you lock your SIM card in the iPhone 3 as well as how to change the PIN on your SIM card.

Turn the SIM PIN on or off:

  • Choose Phone > SIM PIN, then turn SIM PIN on or off.
  • Now enter your PIN to confirm or use the PIN assigned by your carrier, or the default PIN.

Change the PIN for your SIM card:

  • Choose Phone > SIM PIN.
  • Turn SIM PIN on, then tap Change PIN.
  • Enter your current PIN, then enter your new PIN.
  • Enter your new PIN again to confirm, then press Done.


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Apple Iphone 3 User Manual

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