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Below you will find the basic for sending a text message with the Asha 200. There are other articles on this website for the Asha 200 phone usage. These are the WiFi Settings, making calls on the Asha 200, making a backup of your data, dual SIM setup as well as the main article which you can find here. The article below is on how to use the messaging system of the Asha 200 and you can find the WiFi settings elsewhere as well as Bluetooth usage and diverting calls on the Asha 200.

Mail & Text Messages on the Asha 200

Using the keyboard on the Asha 200

  • Change the Language –  Options > Writing language
  • Switch between letters & numbers – Press the function key repeatedly
  • Lock number mode – Press the function key twice
  • Switch between low and higher case – Press the shift key
  • Insert a character – Press and hold the corresponding key
  • Delete a character – Select Clear or Backspace
  • Insert a symbol – Press the sym key, and select the desired symbol
  • Now Insert a line between sentences – Press the enter key
  • Insert a space between words – Press the space key
  • Copy & Paste – Press and hold the shift key, and scroll to highlight a word. press C (copy) or X (cut) and press (paste)

Predictive text input on the Asha 200

Activate or deactivate predictive text input

  • Options > More > Prediction settings > On or Off

If you want to switch between normal text and predictive text on the Asha 200 then you will have to press and hold the ctrl key, and then press the space key. The phone will then allow you to select the options. You can turn off predictive text this way on the Asha 200. If you are using predictive text on the Asha 200 you will press the space key to use the word or scroll to find the correct word. Then you start writing the next word.

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Sending a message on the Asha 200

If you wish to send a message on the Asha 200 then you can use the following directions. You can also add an attachment and also add a smiley to the text that you are sending.

  • Select Menu > Messaging;
  • Select Create message;
  • Write your message;
  • If you want to add an attachment, select Options > Insert object;
  • Select Send to and choose the number;
  • Send to Group Contacts if you want to send to more than one person;
  • If asked you will need to select the SIM card to use;
  • If you want to add a smiley or other then click Options > Insert symbol.

Save an attachment on the Asha 200

Save an attachment from a multimedia message is easy to understand. Simply follow the procedures as listed below for the mobile phone.

  • Select Menu > Messaging;
  • Open the message;
  • Select Options > Show contents;
  • Select the desired file and Options > Save;

You can save an attachment from mail using the following procedures.

  • Select Menu > Mail;
  • Open the mail;
  • Select the attachment.
  • Select View, and download the attachment.

You will note that all pictures and videos are saved in Gallery of the mobile phone and the Asha 200 can view the gallery if you wish to send the picture again to another person or persons. The Asha 200 has these options to send the attachment as well again.

Retrieve a multimedia message

If you wish to retrieve your MMS messages on your Asha 200 then the following directions will help

  • Select Menu > Messaging > More > Message settings > Multimedia messages
  • Select SIM1 or SIM2. The multimedia message settings apply to both SIM cards.
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Select MMS reception and from the following:

  • Automatic — Multimedia messages are always retrieved automatically;
  • Manual — You receive notifications about multimedia messages to retrieve;
  • Off — Multimedia message retrieval is deactivated. You do not get notifications either.

NoteMMS reception > Manual allows you to manually retrieve the messages. When you receive a notification then you have the option to retrieve the message. You can check your mail manually and see what to retrieve with the instructions below. Some people wish to save on their bandwidth usage by only retrieving the messages they want.

Select Menu > Messaging > Inbox

Retrieve voice messages on the Asha 200

If you have diverted calls on the Asha 200 to a voice mail then you can now retrieve any voice mail messages. This can be done as follows:

  • Menu > Messaging > More > Voice messages and Voice mailbox
  • Enter your voice mailbox number, and select OK. (Voicemail is number 1)
  • To call your voice mailbox, on the home screen, press and hold 1.

If prompted, select the desired SIM card. (Each SIM card will have its own voicemail account)

Sending an audio message

If you want to send a message in audio then this can be done as follows:

  • Select Menu > Messaging > More > Other messages > Audio message.
  • Record your message and click on the RED dot. Once done select Send to and open the address book.



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