Viaero APN Settings

mobile phone apnIf you live in the US and make use of the Viaero network. Then you will find the APN settings for the mobile phone network listed below. The Viaero internet is explained. Much like other US mobile phone networks the settings are very easy to install. Just as most of the settings on the Viaero network are left blank. You can see this listed below with APN settings for the Android as well as the iPhone. Should you have any issues then you will have to call the Viaero help desk for assistance.

Viaero internet

The first settings are for the Viaero APN Settings on an Android mobile phone. This while the second are the Viaero APN Settings for the iPhone. Simply follow the instructions listed below and you will connect the the network. Note however that any APN settings already on the phone would first need to be deleted before the new settings are entered.

iPhone APN settings on Viaero 

- First select Settings.
- Then select General.
- Now select Network or Cellular
- Select Cellular Data Network.

- Under Cellular Data Option
  Username: <blank> 
  Password: <blank> 

- Under MMS Option
  APN: <blank>  
  Username: <blank> 
  Password: <blank> 
  MMSC: <blank> 
  MMS Proxy: <blank> 
  MMS Max Message Size: <blank> 
  MMS UA Prof URL: <blank> 

- Click the Network Tab up the top to save

Android APN settings on Viaero 

- Press Main
- Now select Settings
- Then select Wireless and Networks
- Now select Mobile Networks
- Please select Access point Names
- Delete all APN's in this section.
- Press Menu
- Press New APN
- Enter the follow settings

Viaero APN Settings

Data Settings
Data APN Username[blank]
Data APN Password[blank]
MMS Settings
MMS APN[blank]
MMS Username[blank]
MMS Password[blank]
MMS MMSC[blank]
MMS Proxy[blank]
MMS Maxsize[blank]
MMS Profurl[blank]
APN Type (Internet)default, supl
APN Type (Messaging)mms
Authentication TypePAP
MMS ProtocolWAP 2.0
IP TypeIPv4v6
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