APN Settings for Apple

MMS settingsThese are the APN settings for Apple. You will find the How To on this website as to how to insert the APN settings for an Apple mobile phone. You can simply follow the pictures below and see the  APN settings for your country and simply insert the settings where they are needed. Its very easy to insert the code into an Apple mobile phone such as the Iphone and you can simply follow this process to make your Iphone work with your APN settings in the country where you are. Search this website for the actual APN settings for your country or where you are now present.

APN Settings for Apple

See this website for the APN settings in the country you are in and fill in the APN settings at the last graphics on this page which is the final step in setting up an Iphone with your APN settings.

Click on Settings

APN settings for Apple


Click on Mobile Data

Click on Mobile Data Options

APN settings for AppleAPN settings for Apple

Select Mobile data network

Provide data in APN Field

APN setup for Apple

APN settings for Apple

APN & MMS Settings from around the World



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