Nokia 630 – Transfer Data (Backup)

settingsThe Nokia Lumia 630 can transfer its data to another phone or to your computer. You can see below how this can be done with the Lumia 630 and you can use this to backup your mobile phone. Most times the process is used to backup the Lumia 630 mobile phone to sell the phone and you will then need to do a factory reset to completely reset the phone to its factory defaults. First we will show you how to transfer your data off this mobile phone.

Nokia Lumia 630 – Transfer Data

You can backup all your data to another phone by removing the SDCard in the Lumia 630. Notice that the micro SDCard is at the back of the phone under the battery. See the photo below that it is located to the right of the SIM card of the mobile phone.

Nokia 630 - Transfer Data

You can remove the micro SDCard and place this into your new mobile phone unless you also want to copy of your address book. If you want more than the data there is another way of doing this. You can this procedure listed below.



Transfer with Bluetooth

Look on your old phone and turn on the Bluetooth and ensure that the phone is visible to other devices.

  • On the start screen of your receiving phone you will need to swipe left;
  • Now tap Transfer my Data;
  • Tap continue and turn the Bluetooth on;
  • Select your old phone from the list of found devices;
  • Follow the instructions shown on both phones;
  • The transfer will now proceed.



Transfer with your Microsoft account

You can also make a backup of the Nokia Lumia 630 mobile phone onto your Microsoft account. Now you will then use the new phone to download and restore the data such as your photos and address book onto your new mobile phone. Once done you can signup for a Microsoft account on your mobile phone if you dont already have an account.

  • Press All Settings > email+accounts > add an account;
  • Create a Microsoft account if you dont have one as yet by following the instructions on screen;
  • On the main screen tap Settings > Backup;
  • Note that contacts and calendar are backed up automatically;
  • On your new Nokia Lumia sign into your Microsoft account;
  • Your contacts, calendar, and text messages are automatically transferred to your new Nokia Lumia.



Transfer content from a Symbian or S40 phone

The easier way of transferring data is to use a software program such as the Nokia Suite for your PC.

  • Plug in the USB cable in your phone to your PC.
  • Open Nokia Suite on your PC.
  • Select Copy content to Nokia Lumia,


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