Nokia Lumia 520 Screen Settings

This explains how to use the Nokia Lumia 520 screen settings. Below you will find the most common settings with the phone when it comes to your screen. You can also see the other settings by visiting its main page here. Always ensure that your phone is fully charged when changing settings. You can find these settings all listed below. you can also see other settings here.

Nokia Lumia 520 Screen Settings

Lumia 520 make text larger

Lumia 520 make text larger

If you wish to make the text bigger on the phone then you can do this via the menu system.

  • Tap on the easy of use settings options under system application; (a)
  • Tap on Change the font size;
  • Drag the slider to make the text bigger; (b)
  • You can Turn On high contrast also helps. (c)

These are the best ways to have larger text other than using you two fingers stretching the screen each time you wish to have larger text. This is the best way to have your text permanently larger to read.

Lumia 520 touch sensitivity settings

If the touch screen on the Lumia 520 is too sensitive then you can change this by entering the menu and changing the touch sensitivity. You can do this by following the instructions listed below.

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Settings > display+touch, and switch Touch sensitivity to High

The instructions to adjust the sensitivity of the mobile phone is easy to follow as below.

Lumia 520 touch sensitivity settings

Personalise the Lumia 520 start screen

If you wish to change your start screen then that is also very easy to do. There is also an option of a ‘kids screen’ which will allow your kids to use the phone without the worry of accessing your apps and folders by password locking those features and data. Your start screen starts with making a pin for the app or data which you wish to have on your screen.

  • Swipe your screen to the Left;
  • Tap on an app which you wish to have on your front screen.
  • Hold your finger on the app.
  • Now Tap the Pin to Start option which appears.

You can also do this for other data such as a website or a Facebook profile. In order to place a website on your start page you will need to do the following:


Tap on People then tap and hold the contact and then tap on pin to start.


Go to the website then Tap onand then tap on pin to start

Kids Corner:

Swipe left and click on settings and then choose what your kids can see and have access too.


Tap on the App then tap and hold the App and then tap on pin to start.


To add the Wallet to the Kids Corner for buying Apps you simply go Wallet > > settings+PIN

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Change your theme on Lumia 520

You can change the colour of the screen as well as change the background pictures on the mobile phone.

Settings > Theme > Background or Accent colour.

You can also change the look of your Lock Screen from the menu if you want a specific picture for the Locked Screen.

Settings > Lock Screen

Change your ringtone on the Lumia 520

Settings > ringtones+sounds

You can simply add a ringtone from there.  If you want to add a music file as your ringtone then click on Custom in Ringtones and find the music file from there. This song will then become your ringtone. You can pick any music as long as there is no DRM on the music file and the file is smaller then 30MB.

Taking a Screenshot with the Lumia 520

You can take a screenshot of your Nokia Lumia 520 by pressing the Windows Key and the Power Key at the same time. This will take a screenshot of your mobile phone and then save it to your phone. You can find the screenshot in the following directory.

Tap Photos > albums > Screenshot

Tap on the Screenshot and Hold and then click share to send it to someone.


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