Nokia 206 – Error 005 (Internet & Browser)

mobile phoneThis is the Nokia 206 – Error 005 (Internet & Browser) you might be getting. If you have a Nokia 206 and you cannot connect to the internet then firstly see the article on how to setup your internet on a Nokia 206 mobile phone. If your settings are correct then the next problem might be the other setting on your mobile phone. There are only two options to fix this.

Option 1:

The first option with the Nokia 206 is that it might have the incorrect date and year. This is usually the biggest problem why you cannot get a connection. Check the date and year on the phone. If it is incorrect the correct this and try again. If that did not work then try the next option.

Option 2:

check your internet settings as the default settings from your provider can be faulty. See the APN for India as an example. You might have those settings wrong. Also see the page on How to setup the internet on the Nokia 206. The all your settings.

Option 3:

The next problem is usually the browser. You have two options. You can either backup all your data and do a factory reset and install Opera Mini which would normally work as the standard browser did have its issues with the internet or you can try a factory rest alone. you can also see the Nokia 206 user manual on this website.

Factory Reset


Factory Reset:

  • Press Power button until your cell phone turns on.
  • Then press and hold * key + 3 key + Call button + Power button.
  • When you see nokia logo, then release holded buttons.
  • Now enter your lock code. * The default lock code is 12345.
  • After that your phone will reset and restart.


Option 4:

There is the last option and that is setting the date to an older date which will allow for the SSL connection. You can find more here – Nokia 206 SSL error. These are the most common issue with the Nokia 206 – Error 005 (Internet & Browser).



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