Nokia 7 Plus – Personalise your phone

The Nokia 7 Plus settings. These are some of the basic settings for your Nokia 7 Plus mobile phone. You can also see on this website on how to use dual SIM settings as well as how to setup fingerprint ID on your phone. These are more of the basic settings like changing wallpaper, ringtones and taking screenshots amongst other basic settings on the phone.

Nokia 7 Plus – Change the Wallpaper

  • Tap Settings > Display > Wallpaper

Note that the Nokia 7 Plus settings. You will click on settings and then on display and wallpaper. You can now use the wallpaper on your mobile phone of your chose. You can also download wallpaper from the internet and download the graphic onto your phone and then select this wallpaper via the settings as stated above.

Nokia 7 Plus – Change the Ringtone

  • Tap Settings > Sound

Since this is a dual SIM mobile phone you can choose a ringtone for each SIM card on your mobile phone. Decide what you wish to have as a ringtone on your SIM and then use the settings above being settings and then sound. There will now be an option as follows:

  • Phone ringtone (SIM1) or > Phone ringtone (SIM2)
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You can now choose a ringtone for each SIM and you can now select one ringtone for your mobile home office and another tone for your personal or home SIM and number. Follow the instructions below in order to set the ringtone. If you want a ringtone from the internet then you can download your ringtone onto your phone and set that as your ringtone as stated above.

Nokia 7 Plus – Change the Message Notification Sound

  • Tap Settings > Sound > Advanced > Default notification sound

You can also change your message notification sound on your Nokia 7 Plus by following the instructions as stated above. You need to click on settings and then sound and then click on advanced and set the notification tone after that. Much like other sounds you can search the internet for something might might want as a notification sound if those on your phone are of no interest to you.

Nokia 7 Plus – Turn On spell check

  • Tap Settings > System > Languages & input > Advanced > Spell checker
  • Tap  Spell checker to Off

You can either turn the spell checker on or off with these settings.

Nokia 7 Plus – Setting Date and Time

  • Tap Settings > System > Date & time 

This will allow you to set the date and time on the phone. You can also have this done automatically with the following:

  • Switch Automatic date & time on
  • Switch Automatic time zone on

Nokia 7 Plus – Bluetooth

  • Tap Settings > Connected devices > Bluetooth
  • Switch Bluetooth to On
  • Now pair the device to your phone
  • Disconnect from the device by clicking forget
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The above will turn on Bluetooth and you can also turn it off with the same settings.


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