Nokia 7 Plus – Setting up fingerprint ID

You can setup your fingerprint ID on your Nokia 7 Plus by following the instructions below. The finger print settings allows for extra security on your mobile phone. The locking of your phone as well as unlocking your phone is also easy once you have the finger print setup for this additional security on the Nokia 7 Plus. You can also see how to setup dual SIM settings on the Nokia 7 Plus mobile phone.

Nokia 7 Plus – Setting up fingerprint ID

You will need to setup the finger print ID as well as screen lock so that the phone will lock automatically when not in use and then unlock it with your fingerprint. Follow the simply instructions as follows:

  • Tap Settings > Security & Location > Fingerprint;
  • Tap Screen lock;
  • Select what Backup Unlocking method you want to use.


These instructions will ensure that you dont make an accident telephone call as the screen will lock when not in use. You will then need to swipe your screen and you the fingerprint ID in order to unlock your Nokia 7 Plus. Always makes sure that your backup unlock method works so that the phone is not locked if something goes wrong.


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