Nokia Asha 200 – Call Divert

If you have an Asha 200 and wish to enable call divert then the following will allow you to divert all you telephone calls. You can also download the manual on this website and see from there as well as to how to divert your calls.

Nokia Asha 200 – Call Divert

  • 1. Select Menu
  • 2. Select Settings
  • 3. Select Call
  • 4. Select Call Divert
  • 5. Select the SIM card to use
  • 6. Select when to divert the incoming calls:
  • — All Voice Calls – divert all incoming voice calls
  • — If Busy – divert voice calls when busy
  • — If Not Answered – divert voice calls only when not answered
  • — If Out of Reach – divert voice calls when the device is switched off
  • — If Not Available – divert voice calls when not answered
  • 7. Select Activate
  • 8. Select To Voice Mailbox or To Other Number If If Not Answered




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