Nokia 3110 Review

See the Nokia 3110 Review here. The Nokia 3110 was released in 1997 by Nokia. It came with a new shape and not the block shape as the Nokia 2110 which was released before it. It also had a much better battery which many are still using the original batteries today. The phone only had 2G as that is what was available being the GSM 900 band.

Nokia 3110 Review

Sure, here’s a simpler version:

This phone was way lighter than the one before it, weighing only 146 grams. What’s cool is that it was shaped more like a home phone. I used to wonder why it took so long for them to make a phone with a bend like that.

Nokia 3110 ReviewThe screen was simple, just black and white, but it had a better phone book. It could hold up to 250 entries, which was twice as much as before. Nokia must have realized that if they wanted to sell phones for business, they needed a bigger phone book. The phone could remember your last 10 dialed, received, and missed calls. It also had different ringtone options. Even today, this phone would still be pretty good if you could find one that’s second-hand. See also the Nokia 2110 Review as well as the Nokia 114 Manual.

One downside was its shape. If you put it on a table, it could slide off, so you had to lay it face down, which could scratch the screen. This was the first time they changed the shape of the phones. You don’t see these shapes anymore because they don’t fit well in pockets and could scratch the screens.

The battery was a Li-Ion 400 mAh, which gave you an hour of talk time. Even as the phone got older, you could still use it for a full day. You only needed to charge it once a day. Even now, this phone could still be useful to a lot of people. Likewise also see the


Factory Reset the Nokia 3110:

  • Power on your Nokia 3110.
  • Navigate to Menu -> Settings -> Restore Factory Settings.
  • Enter the security code (default is 12345).
  • Your device will undergo a reset and restart.


Backup Your Nokia 3110:

  • Access Menu > Backup > Create backup.
  • The device will prompt that creating a backup may take time; ensure not to power off during this process.
  • Choose to create a backup and mark the desired data for backup.


Copy Contacts on the Nokia 3110:

  • Open Menu > Contacts.
  • Select the contacts you want to copy.
  • Choose Copy Contacts > Select Contacts.
  • Mark the contacts and press Done.

Likewise also see the Copy Nokia 105 contacts from SIM on here.


Connect to WiFi on the Nokia 3110:

  • Navigate to Settings > Connectivity > Wi-Fi.
  • Confirm Wi-Fi is enabled.
  • Choose the network and select CONNECT.
  • If the network is secured, input the password.


Please be aware that these instructions are general guidelines for Nokia phones and might slightly differ based on your specific Nokia 3110 model and software version. If you encounter any challenges, consult the user manual or contact Nokia’s customer support for further assistance. Likewise see also the Nokia 8110 Review and Nokia 5110 Review.

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