Nokia 3110 Review

The Nokia 3110 was released in 1997 by Nokia. It came with a new shape and not the block shape as the Nokia 2110 which was released before it. It also had a much better battery which many are still using the original batteries today. The phone only had 2G as that is what was available being the GSM 900 band.

The phone was much lighter than its predecessor and being 146 g it was a massive reduction in overall weight. Best of all it also had a nice shape more like a home telephone. I wondered at that time why it Nokia 3110 Reviewtook so long to made a bend in the phone like other home phones.  With its monochrome screen it had a much better phone book. This was doubled in side from 125 to 250 entries.  Nokia must have seen the writing on the wall that if you are going to sell a mobile phone for business then it needs to have a larger phone-book.

Caller memory was still limited to 10 dialed, 10 received, 10 missed calls with its monophonic ringtones options. All things considered this is still a good phone today if you can find a second hand one. It was very practical however its shape would not see its return again. The problem with the shape was when you placed it on a table it could slide off so you had to turn the phone onto its face. This could scratch the screen. This was the first time the shape of the phones had been changed. Today you no longer find these shapes as they dont fit too well into the pocket and might bring the old issue of scratched screens back.

Its Li-Ion 400 mAh battery has an hour of talk time and even as the phone got older you would still get a full days use out of it. Its only needed to be changed once a day. Even today this phone would still be of use to most people.


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