Nokia 5110 Review

This is a Nokia 5110 review. The Nokia 5110 was the next trend-setter from Nokia. As discussed before the Nokia 3110 in 1997 set the market for a curved phone. The Nokia 8110 a year later was the trend setter for global communication with it call conference ability but also for its keyboard cover. The Nokia 5110 had a new shape but brought the next trend to the mobile phone market – mobile phone covers!

Nokia 5110 Review

The Nokia 5110 was built into a new shape with more curves than the older Nokia 2110 which was a ‘block’ of a phone. The 5110 was a bit heavier at 170 g (6.00 oz) and came with the standard Nokia 5110 Reviewmonochrome graphic screen with a 5 line resolution. The call records was a compromise between the last two mobile phone they brought to market as came with 8 dialed, 5 received, 5 missed calls ability.

The hallmark of the Nokia 5110 was it ability to fit covers over them. This became a new industry which was spun off from the mobile phone trend setters. In Asia you would find stores that just sold covers. Even today the mobile phone covers are a big seller. Over the years even these covers evolved.  Many covers for mobile phones today as sold with a rubber type covering which protects the phone during an accidental fall. Very few would know which phone actually set the trend in 1998 that is still common today – The Nokia 5110. The phone also brought the clock and alarm to the industry as standard.

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The Nokia 5110 originally came with a Li-Po 600 mAh battery, giving us about 2 hours of talk time. Despite this, we still found ourselves charging the phones daily. However, as we look back at the evolution of Nokia phones, we see changes in battery technology and how it impacted the mobile phone market.

Interestingly, the Nokia 5110 remains a solid choice today, mainly because of its user-friendly buttons. These buttons are not only large but also firm, making it a great option for those dealing with arthritis. As we reflect on Nokia’s history and the development of mobile phones, it’s evident how new technologies like Lithium Polymer batteries have shaped the market.

Considering the Nokia 5110’s enduring popularity, it raises the question of whether Nokia could reintroduce some of its unique features. For instance, the ability to turn off the phone and receive a notification about missed calls upon restart could be a handy feature. Additionally, bringing back auto-answer, especially for people who spend a lot of time driving, could add practical value. See also the Nokia 8110 Review and Nokia 3110 Review.

It’s curious why mobile phone manufacturers sometimes seem disconnected from the preferences of their users. The Nokia 5110, even today, maintains an excellent reputation and holds a decent second-hand price. Perhaps there’s room for manufacturers to take cues from successful and well-liked models, incorporating features that users appreciate and find useful. Likewise see also the Nokia 6130 Review on here.


Factory Reset the Nokia 5110

  • Start by switching off the handset.
  • Next, press and hold the Call button + * button + 3 button + Power button simultaneously.
  • When you see the Nokia logo, release the held keys.
  • Your device will now reset and reboot.
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Backup Your Nokia 5110

  • Unfortunately, specific instructions for backing up the Nokia 5110 are not readily available. However, you can try using Nokia PC Suite or MobileTrans – Backup for this purpose. For accurate information, please refer to your device’s user manual or contact Nokia’s customer support.

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Copy Contacts on the Nokia 5110

  • Navigate to Menu > Contacts.
  • Choose the contacts you want to copy.
  • Select Copy Contacts > Select Contacts.
  • Mark the contacts and then select Done.


Please note that these instructions are based on general procedures for Nokia phones and may vary depending on your specific model and software version. If you encounter any issues, check the user manual or contact Nokia’s customer support for further assistance. Lastly also see the Nokia Lumia 635 Manual on here.



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