Nokia 6130 Review

The evolution continues with Nokia with the introduction of the Nokia 6130. The Nokia 6130 was an evolution of the Nokia 6110 with a change in look moving more back to the older Nokia 5110. It was a bit of a hybrid with the design changes from Nokia. The 6130 however brought something new to the market.

As I have detailed in this series how Nokia evolved and how the industry changed with each addition to the Nokia line, from clip-on covers, keyboard covers to the addition of infra-red ports. This phone brings Nokia 6130 Reviewsomething else to the line. Welcome to 2G GSM 1800.

The year is 1998 and the evolution of mobile phone over the previous years had been fast and furious. Many new changes brought to the market from conferencing calls to the now new infra-red ports. The Nokia 6130 was otherwise standard in its abilities. It was light for the time at 152 g with its now standard monochrome screen with 5 lines of text. Its phone book was a bit bigger at 125 entries and it had 10 dialed, 10 received, 10 missed calls ability checking. Much like the phone before it there was also an “Organizer” added to the phone. The only thing new about this phone was it GSM frequency of 1800 and it slightly longer standby abilities.

The phone came with a Li-Po 600 mAh battery (BPS-1) which had a talk time of 2 hours and a standard time of 2 days. This was a major jump as the batteries had been the biggest noose around the neck of the industry.


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