Nokia 6110 Review

This is the Nokia 6110 Review. The Nokia 6110 has good memories for many. The Nokia 6110 was the evolution of the Nokia 5110 which simply got a much better look by making the phone more curved. The phone was very sleek and at this point Nokia shed its square look. It also had many of the old features that users loved so much.

Nokia 6110 Review

The 6110 had hard button much like the 5110 and this was good for those of us who have arthritis. Its easier to press the buttons. Considering the aging population in the world especially in first world countries I always wondered why Nokia did not make any phones for this market segment. They have money and hard large buttons are a major plus for those who are also losing their eyesight. See also the airtel recharge code as well as the dialog recharge code  on here.

Nokia 6110 ReviewThe ‘Organizer’ was also added to the phone and came pretty much with the same specs as the former mobile phones before it. It weighed the same at 137 g compared to the 5110 and also came with its monochrome graphic screen with 5 lines of text. The phone book however shrunk to 50 numbers only and came with a infrared port and 10 dialed, 10 received, 10 missed calls memory ability.

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Yet again Nokia brought the next useful tool to the market – infrared ports. This later evolved with technology to the USB and Bluetooth abilities we have today. So in hindsight lets look at where it started and what Nokia has added to the mobile market in this time:

  • Nokia 2110 – This was the basic phone
  • Nokia 3110 – This brought the curve shaped phones
  • Nokia 8110 – This brought the keyboard cover (evolved to clamshells) and conference calls
  • Nokia 5110 – This brought phone covers, auto answer and clock and alarm as standard
  • Nokia 6110 – Infrared ports (evolved to USB and Bluetooth)
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Each phone Nokia brought out started another industry or another trend in the industry. The Nokia 6110 had much the same abilities as those before it, but brought infra-red to the market in a major way. Not only was the phone now the business tool for the business man but now with infrared it could connect to a computer. This added a new dimension to mobile phones adding also its new sleek look to the market.

The phone also came with the Li-Po 600 mAh battery with a talk time of 2 hours and needing to be charged once a day. This phone even today is still in high demand in the used phone market. It was an absolutely brilliant phone.


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