Nokia 2110 Review

The year is 1997 and this is one of my first mobile phones. Considering what is available to day one can only smile seeing these again. It used to be called “the block” as it was big and heavy. Funny thing is that I still find these around on the second hand market in Asia. They are dirt cheap but back in the day this was the Lumia range of mobile phones.

The problem with the Nokia 2110 was its short battery life. Battery technology has since made better advances and today you can still find a ‘pirate battery’ for them using better technology. When this phone hit the market is was about $200 each and there had been complaints of it with regards to weight Nokia 2110 Reviewand talk time. In reality compare to others on the market at that time it was light compared to the old Motorola phones.

The Nokia 2110 only had 2G and when the Motorola Tri-band came out these phones lost their market. It used a mini-sim and weighed in at 236g. Thats a ton today considering what the mobile phones today weight in at about 140grams. The phone came with the standard Monochrome screen. The phone book was horrible as it was very small with its SIM card and 125 phone book entries. It was the time when the monophonic ringtones also had a market unlike today. It is amazing how the mobile phone market has changed since then.

Talking time was 2 hours on its NiMH 550 mAh battery and it had to be charged every day as it only had a life time of 30 hours. The older the phone became the short this standby time became. Those days battery memory was still and issue. Good memories from way back.


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