Nokia 225 Dual SIM Manual

The Nokia 225 Dual SIM manual is a rehash of an old mobile phone design from many years back. The phone is very basic and you can see this from the price of the phone being offered in India for about 3,000 Rupees. Nokia has lost ground in India over the years as the mobile phones are normally very pricey by Indian standards as well as the flow of copies from China making it into the market.

Nokia 225 Dual SIM Manual

The Nokia 225 is a dual SIM phone and comes with GSM 900/1800 and nothing else. The mobile was released in May 2014 and has received average reviews compared to what Nokia would normally release. It is a small phone with a 256K TFT screen at only 240 x 320 pixels. Its a bit of a walk back to the old days of Sony Ericsson. There is the standard 2.5mm jack and loud-speak as well as Vibration and MP3 ringtones options. It also comes with the now standard microSD with up to 32 GB storage.

Nokia 225 Dual SIM ManualThe phone also comes with GPRS at up to 85.6 kbps and EDGE with up to 236.8 kbps. There is also Bluetooth v3.0 and a slot for a MicroSD card. The multimedia is again standard 2 MP, 1600 x 1200 pixels camera. There is only one on the front with no secondary camera in this budget range. The video is also the much slower version of 320p@15fps.

Considering the advancement in battery technology and the lack of anything fancy on this phone it does have a standby time of more than  648 hours which is about 25-27 days. There is also talktime of about 21 hours. I am not certain why they released this phone not only that it offers nothing ‘sexy’ but that the design is even a rehash of more than 10 years back. The only difference is its colours. Likewise see also the mobitel balance check code as well as the airtel recharge code.


Note : Nokia 225 Internet Settings


It would appear that Nokia is now also aiming for the bottom end of the mobile phone market. The user manual is below but you should be able to manage without it as it is a very basic mobile phone.

Nokia 225 Dual SIM

If you have a new mobile phone then you will note that the default security code for the Nokia 225 Dual SIM is default security code is 12345. That should be very easy to remember.

Lock or Unlock the keys

The following graphic shows how to lock and to unlock the Nokia 225. This is very useful so that you do not dial number or press the menu by accident when the mobile phone is in your pocket or your bag. You can press the key (a) and select Lock (b)

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If you wish to unlock the phone then press (a) and then press Unlock. Its the same process to lock and unlock the phone. Likewise see also the Nokia Lumia 810 Manual as well as the Nokia 105 Ringtone Change.

Set which SIM card to use on the Nokia 225 

Since this is a Dual SIM phone you can select which one to use. You can do this as follows:

  • Menu > Settings > Connectivity > Dual SIM
  • Select Call and switch Always Ask to Off then select Preferred SIM

Now if you wish to set the SIM for messages you will need to do the following:

  • Menu > Settings > Connectivity > Dual SIM
  • Select Messages and switch Always Ask to Off then select Preferred SIM

Mobile data is set by doing the following:

  • Menu > Settings > Connectivity > Dual SIM
  • Select Mobile Data Connection and switch to ON then select Mobile Data and the Preferred SIM

Call Forwarding between your 2 SIM cards

If you wish to forward all calls from the 1 SIM to the other then you can set this up in the menu system.

  • Menu > Smart Dual SIM
  • Press Call forwarding to On

There are a number of options now being SIM 1 to SIM 2 or Between SIMS or from SIM 2 to SIM 1

Changing the Volume

Changing the volume on the Nokia 225 Dual SIM is very easy. You can simply scroll up and down on the switch as can be seen on the photo below. The UP (+) and the DOWN (-) changes the volume of the phone to your liking.

Writing text in the Nokia 225

The menu is pretty standard with the earlier Nokia mobile phones. Simply press any button repeatedly until the number is shown on the screen. Much like others in the range you can simply do the following for the most common functions:

  • Want to add a special character – Press  * (the asterisks)
  • Want to change from capital to lower case or visa versa – Press # (the hash mark)
  • Want to make a telephone call – Press a number and hold it in
  • Want to have predictive text – Press Options > Dictionary and the language (write a word, when it is shown press 0)
  • Want to change a word – Press * until the word appears.
  • Want to add a word to the dictionary – Press * until all the words are done then select Spell to add the word.
  • Want to change from predictive and traditional text – Press # repeatedly to change between them.
  • Want to turn predictive text off – Press Options > Dictionary > Dictionary off.

Change the Ringtone

  • Select Menu > Settings > Tone settings
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From there you can select your ringtone. Note that it may ask for the SIM card which you will need to choose. With the Dual SIM you can have a different ringtone for each SIM. Choose a ringtone for the SIM and then press OK and the ringtone will be set for the SIM card. Likewise see also the Change your Ringtone on Nokia Asha 501 on here.

Making Calls and Sending Messages

To make a call you can just start typing your number and then dial. Note that these systems if you wanted to make an international call you would first have to Press * (asterisks) twice before you dial the number. Press (a) if asked and then select the SIM you wish to use. To end the call simply Press (b). To answer the call simply Press (a) as seen below.

Add a telephone number to your address book

  • Menu > Contacts > Options > Add new contact.

Once you have done this simply type in the name and then the number and click on save.

Send and receive messages

If you wish to send a message on the Dual SIM Nokia 225 you will need to ensure you select the correct SIM if both of the SIM cards are in the phone.

  • Menu > Messaging > Create Message

Now type in the telephone number of the person who you wish to contact. You can also look in your address book to bring up the telephone number. Once you have selected the person then type your message in. If you want to add any special characters then you can click on Options > Insert Options and then when done select send.  It might ask you which SIM to use before sending. If the message is very long then it will break the message into two separate messages. Likewise see also the Nokia Asha 309 Manual on here.

Multimedia Settings

You can share a photo or video with Bluetooth. This is by using SLAM on your Nokia mobile phone.

  • Turn on both mobile phones Bluetooth;
  • Select the Photo or Video  you want to share;
  • Select Options and Share;
  • Select Slam via Bluetooth.

Copy Content

Simply connect the USB cable to your phone and to your computer. You will now see Mass Storage on your computer as a drive. You can now copy your content over to your computer. Note that it will only show the memory card. Anything you wish to move has to be placed on the SDCard to be copied over to your computer.

Hard Reset the Nokia 225

To do a factory reset or a hard reset you will type in the phone the following > *#7370#

This will delete all your data and settings, files, phone-book and everything else. This cannot be recovered once deleted.

What is your IMEI

You can check the IMEI of your mobile phone as this will be needed by your mobile phone network. You type in the following for the phone to show you your IMEI >  *#06#

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