Nokia Asha 205 User Guide

Need a Blackberry look-a-like? Well the Nokia Asha 205 will get you there without the cost. Its robust, lightweight and very user friendly. It comes with 64Mb of storage dual SIM and 2G network capable. Large screen and user friendly keypad much like the Blackberry.

This would make a very good phone for a younger person or someone who hates the current software you have to use to send a text message on the mobile phones. Much easier to use than most telephones however in terms of features for price makes it an excellent mobile phone.

The Nokia Asha 205 came only with 2G connectivity when it was released in 2012. Much like Blackberry it also used QWERTY on the keyboard and came with a TFT, 65K color screen. It has a basic VGA camera running at QCIF@10fps which by today’s standards would be considered very slow. It only had basic internet connectivity by way of WAP 2.0/xHTML, HTML and Adobe Flash Lite. The user manual has been added below as these phone on the secondhand market are very difficult to find.


Nokia Asha 205

Nokia Asha 205

Download Nokia Asha 205 User Guide



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