Nokia Asha 203 Manual

Download the Nokia Asha 203 manual here. The Nokia Asha 203 is a very basic mobile phone out of the Nokia Asha range of mobile phones. The manual has been listed below if you are looking for a user guide or a how to use the mobile phone. The Nokia Asha 203 has basic connection ability such as the GSM 900 and GSM 850 mobile frequency. There is only a 2G connection and nothing else. It is a basic phone.

Nokia Asha 203 Manual

The Nokia Asha 203 uses a TFT resistive touchscreen which is a basic screen for most mobile phones. In terms of ringtones Nokia Asha 203 Manualthese are also very basic being vibration and also MP3 ringtones which are standard with most phones. It also has a speaker and a 3.5mm external jack. Nothing so far is really high-end about this phone and it is much like the Nokia Asha 205 except it has a smaller screen.

The mobile phone has 1,000 entries available for telephone numbers and this is again very standard. The phone also has Bluetooth being v2.1 with A2DP and EDR. It also comes with Class 12 EDGE and also GPRS with microUSB ability. Considering that this phone was released in 2012 the camera is a bit odd as it is a basic 2 MegaPixel camera with 1600×1200 pixels. Video recording is again very basic with 176×144@15fps. That level of video recording is very low and spotty. It is after-all a basic camera with really basic functions. Again this has been reflected in its price. Likewise see also the Nokia Asha 309 Manual.

The Asha 203 still uses WAP but does have MMS and SMS ability. This is a good phone for work if you do not need multimedia and with a standby time of almost 4 weeks makes for a phone that does not need much attention. There is also a talktime of 5 hours and a music playtime of 25 hours. Overall this is a good phone either for someone who just needs basic connections or a teenager as a first mobile phone. The user manual is listed below so you can see the actual phone usage.

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Copy content from your old phone

Making it easy to transfer your contacts, calendar, and other important stuff to your new phone is a breeze! Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Turn on Bluetooth:
    • Switch on Bluetooth on both your old and new phones.
  2. Access Settings:
    • Go to Menu > Settings on your old phone.
  3. Backup Your Data:
    • Navigate to Sync & backup > Phone switch.
  4. Choose What to Copy:
    • Select Copy to this and pick the items you want to transfer, then hit Done.
  5. Search for Your Old Phone:
    • Look for your old phone (e.g., Nokia XX) in the list of available devices.
  6. Create a Passcode:
    • If prompted, create a simple passcode (like 123) and press OK.
  7. Verify Passcodes:
    • Confirm that the codes match on both phones.
  8. Follow the Instructions:
    • Simply follow the on-screen instructions on both phones.

By following these steps, you’ll have your contacts, calendar, and more on your new phone in no time.


Change your ringtone

Customizing your phone’s ringtone for different profiles is easy. Just follow these steps:

  1. Access Settings:
    • Select Menu > Settings on your phone.
  2. Choose Ringtone Settings:
    • Navigate to Profiles > Ringing > Tones > Ringtone.
  3. Explore Ringtones:
    • Browse through the available ringtones by selecting Tones.
  4. Stop Playback:
    • If a ringtone is playing, select Stop.
  5. Pick a Ringtone:
    • Select the ringtone you like from the list (e.g., Alablaster.aac, Ring ring.aac, Nokia tune.aac, Mystique.aac).
  6. Save Your Choice:
    • Once you’ve selected your preferred ringtone, save your choice.

Now, your phone is set up to have a different ringtone for each profile. To switch between silent and normal profiles, simply press and hold # . Likewise see also the Change your Ringtone on Nokia Asha 501 on here.

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Back up content to a memory card

To ensure you never lose any crucial files, consider backing up your phone memory to a compatible memory card. Here’s a simple guide:

  1. Access Backup Settings:
    • Navigate to Menu > Settings > Sync & backup.
  2. Initiate Backup:
    • Select Create backup.
  3. Choose Items to Back Up:
    • Pick what you want to back up (e.g., contacts, messages) and then select Done.

If you ever need to restore a backup:

  1. Restore from Backup:
    • Go to Menu > Settings > Sync & backup.
  2. Select Restore Backup:
    • Choose this option to restore your previously saved backup.

By following these steps, you can easily safeguard your important files by creating backups on a compatible memory card. Likewise also see the Nokia Asha 210 Memory Card Settings as well.


Alarm Clock

Turning your phone into an alarm clock is a breeze. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Access Alarm Clock App:
    • Go to Menu > Apps > Alarm clock.
  2. Set the Alarm Time:
    • Choose the time you want the alarm to go off and then select.
  3. Adjust Alarm Settings:
    • Customize your alarm settings by selecting Settings.
      • Turn on Alarm repeat if you want the alarm to repeat.
      • Choose the days for the alarm to repeat (if applicable).
      • Select Alarm tone and pick your preferred alarm sound.
      • Set the Snooze time-out if you like a little extra sleep time.
  4. Save Your Settings:
    • After adjusting the settings, save them.

Now, your phone is ready to wake you up at the set time with the alarm tone you selected. Enjoy using your phone as your new alarm clock! Likewise see also the Nokia Asha 311 User Manual and Nokia Asha 501 User Manual.


Nokia Asha 203

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