APN Settings for Android

MMS settingsThese are the APN Settings for Android mobile phones. These are the generic settings for an Android phone as each might look a bit different. The APN settings itself you can find elsewhere on this website for your country. The process below remains the same and you only need the settings to add to the end of the process. The APN settings are very easy to add and if you cannot manage this then it would be best to call or approach your local call centre for assistance.

APN Settings for Android

The instructions are easy to follow so open your phone and look for the icon which says settings. This is where the process starts.

Click on Settings

APN Settings for Android


Click on More

Click on Mobile Networks

APN Settings for AndroidAPN Settings for Android

Click on Access Point Names

Click the + Button to Add

APN Settings for Android

Enter your APN settings.

Click on Save

APN & MMS Settings from around the World




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