Tata Docomo SMS Pack

sms codesThe Tata Docomo SMS Pack as well as the USSD codes are listed below. You might also need the Tata Docomo internet settings and these are also listed on this website. Like other networks the USSD codes are more popular and they have far more options as you can see below.

Tata Docomo SMS Pack

These codes can be used in TamilNadu, Karnataka, New Delhi, NCR, Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Bihar and Jharkhand, Chennai, Gujarat, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu Kashmir, Kerala, Kolkatta, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Mumbai, North East, Orissa, Punjab. Rajasthan, UP East, UP West as well as in West Bengal in India. See the Tata Docomo balance enquiry procedures list below.

Note also on the USSD codes list that you can check your balance as well as tune in to unlimited music. There are many options in this range.


USSD Codes


How to check Docomo data balance

These are the SMS codes for the Tata Docomo network in India. To check your data balance on the Tata Docomo network in India, you can send an SMS with the text ‘DATA BAL’ to 121. This should provide you with information about your current internet data balance.

Additionally, if you wish to activate the ‘Do Not Disturb’ service, you can send an SMS with the text ‘STOP’ to 1909. This should help you avoid receiving unwanted promotional messages. Please note that it may take some time for this service to be activated.

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 Internet Data Check DATA BAL 121
 DND (Do Not Disturb) STOP 1909


Tata Docomo USSD Codes

These are the USSD codes for the Tata Docomo network in India.

 Check Balance *111#
 Check 2G Internet Balance *111*1#
 Activate new services or Internet Packs *141#
 Last 3 recharges *191#
 Balance Enquiry *191*2#
 Validity Check *191*3#
 Service *191*4#
Last 3 recharges *191*5#
 Start/Stop Services *191*7#
 Service Request *191*8#
 Daily SMS Count *191*9*3#
 Daily Data Check *191*9*4#
 Daily Call Check *191*9*5#
 Prepaid Bill Request *191*9*6#
 Special Offers *191*9*8#
 3G Internet Packs *141*1#
 GPRS Net Packs *141*4#
 Discount Zone *141*8#
 Unlimited Music *141*6#


Tata Docomo internet recharge

Here are the USSD codes for the Tata Docomo network in India. To start with, you can check your balance by dialing *111#. Following that, to check your 2G Internet Balance, you can dial 1111#. Likewise also see the Tata Docomo number check Tata Docomo mobile number check that is available.

To activate new services or Internet Packs, you can dial *141#. For the last 3 recharges, you can dial *191#. For Balance Enquiry, you can dial 1912#. To check the validity, you can dial 1913#. For Service, you can dial 1914#.

To Start/Stop Services, you can dial 1917#. For Service Request, you can dial 1918#. To check the Daily SMS Count, you can dial 19193#. To check the Daily Data, you can dial 19194#. Likewise to check the Daily Call, you can dial 1919*5#.

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For Prepaid Bill Request, you can dial 19196#. To check the Special Offers, you can dial 19198#. For 3G Internet Packs, you can dial 1411#. For GPRS Net Packs, you can dial 1414#.

To check the Discount Zone, you can dial 1418#. For Unlimited Music, you can dial 1416#. These codes should provide you with the necessary information for your Tata Docomo network.


Tata Docomo SMS & USSD CodesThe Tata Docomo SMS & USSD Codes allows you to see you balance as well as look for special offers. You can also use other services like your daily SMS count as well as allowing you to start and stop services. The USSD codes as well as the SMS codes are shown above. The SMS allows for the internet balance check as well as the do not disturb service. The Check Balance as well as the  Balance Enquiry and daily SMS count USSD codes are all listed above.



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