Tata Docomo Internet Settings

mobile phone apnThese are the Tata Docomo Internet Settings or tata docomo gprs setting. The APN settings for TATA DOCOMO have been added below. Note that you can also get them to send it to your by sending them an SMS with INTERNET to 52270. The setting should be the same unless there have been many changes.

Tata Docomo Internet Settings

These setting will cover Tata Docomo APN for -TamilNadu,  Karnataka, New Delhi, NCR, Andhara Pradesh, Assam, Bihar and Jharkhand, Chennai, Gujarat,  Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu Kashmir, Kerala, Kolkatta, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Mumbai, North East, Orissa, Punjab. Rajasthan, UP East, UP West, West Bengal.



The operator, as you’ve mentioned, is TATA DOCOMO. The APN, or Access Point Name, is TATA.DOCOMO.INTERNET. This is the key setting that your device uses to connect to the internet on the TATA DOCOMO network. Likewise see also the articles on the Tata Docomo sms pack as well as the cdma phones Tata as well.

The Access Number is *99#, which is a standard number used to connect your device to the GPRS service of your mobile network.

Both the Username and Password fields are left blank. This means that TATA DOCOMO doesn’t require you to input a username or password to connect to their internet service, simplifying the connection process.

The Authentication Type is set to normal, indicating the standard method of authentication is used when your device connects to the internet.

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The Proxy is set to off/Disable, and the Proxy address is This means that your device will connect directly to the internet without going through a proxy server.

The Port is set to 8080, which is a common port used for HTTP connections.

The Data Bearer is set to GPRS/PACKET DATA, indicating that your device will use GPRS or packet data technology to send and receive data over TATA DOCOMO’s network.

TaTa Docomo GPRS setting

Finally, both DNS1 and DNS2 are set to This means that your device will use the default DNS servers provided by the Tata Docomo gprs setting.

In conclusion, these APN settings are crucial for your device to connect to the internet. Likewise using TATA DOCOMO’s network in India. They provide the necessary information for your device to communicate with TATA DOCOMO’s gateway. Likewise, allowing you to browse the web, check emails, stream videos, and more. Remember, these settings are specific to TATA DOCOMO and may not work with other network operators. Always ensure you’re using the correct APN settings for your specific carrier. Likewise see also the Docomo APN Settings as well as the Nokia 2690.



Setting NameValue
Access Number*99#
Authentication Typenormal
Proxy address0.0.0.0


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