Tata Docomo CDMA APN

mobile phone apnThe Tata Docomo CDMA APN settings for tata cdma mobile phones has been added below. CDMA has access in India in the areas which have been listed below. If you are not looking for the APN for CDMA then you can try the other settings listed Tata Docomo internet settings.

Tata Docomo CDMA APN

Tata Indicom/Tata Docomo is the 7th largest network provider in India with more than 60 million subscribers. BSNL apn settings is the 6th largest and Aircel 3g apn is the 5th largest network with 86 million subscribers. gsm apn settings in the 4th with 106 million and there is also Idea apn which is the 3th largest with more than 174 million subscribers.

The operator is Tata Indicom. The APN settings for GPRS and WAP are not provided, which means they might be automatically configured by the network or device.

The Access Number is either #777 or 172226. This number is used to connect your device to the GPRS service of your mobile network.

The Username and Password are both set to internet. This means that Tata Indicom requires you to input these credentials to connect to their internet service. Likewise see also the Tata Docomo Internet Settings as well as the NTT DoCoMo APN Settings.


Additional CDMA APN Settings

The Authentication Type is set to normal, indicating the standard method of authentication is used when your device connects to the internet. Likewise see also the loop mobile as seen. There is also the Airtel Zambia APN settings.

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The Proxy is set to Enable, and the Proxy address is This means that your device will connect to the internet through a proxy server.

The Port is set to 8080, which is a common port used for HTTP connections. Likewise this is similar to The Walmart family mobile apn which is the TaTa cdma mobile phones as you can see.

In conclusion, these APN settings are crucial for your device to connect to the internet using Tata Indicom’s network in India. They provide the necessary information for your device to communicate with Tata Indicom’s gateway, allowing you to browse the web, check emails, stream videos, and more. Remember, these settings are specific to Tata Indicom and may not work with other network operators. Always ensure you’re using the correct APN settings for your specific carrier. Likewise see the Hutch balance code is there and the STC apn settings in Saudi Arabia.




Tata Docomo CDMA APN 

Setting NameValue
OperatorTata Indicom
Access Number#777 or 172226
Authentication Typenormal
Proxy address172.255.42.15

This is the Tata Docomo CDMA/Tata Indicom APN for -TamilNadu,  Karnataka, New Delhi, NCR. Likewise Andhara Pradesh, Assam, Bihar and Jharkhand, Chennai, Gujarat. Likewise,  Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu Kashmir, Kerala, Kolkatta, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Mumbai. Additionally the North East, Orissa, Punjab. Rajasthan, UP East, UP West, West Bengal, Chhattisgarh. See also the Reliance CDMA APN as well as the Reliance GSM APN.

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