Hutch Data Balance Check

If you want to find your Hutch data balance check you can follow the process below. The Hutch balance code is easy to understand. You will note that there are two types of accounts and each has to be done differently. You will see that there is a prepaid option as well as a post paid option. These are shown below as you will see that Hutch allows for more than one way of checking your data balance on their network. You can also find Hutch MMS settings as well as Hutch APN settings also on this website.

Hutch Data Balance Check

These are both the prepaid as well as the post paid data balance enquiry options from Hutch

Hutch Balance Code (Prepaid)

  • SMS BAL to 344

You can send an SMS using either BAL and send it to 344 with an SMS and get your balance in return

  • or Dial the USSD *344#

You can also use the USSD by simply dialing the number above.

Hutch Balance Code (Postpaid)

  • SMS BAL to 444

For post paid Hutch you can do a data balance check by sending an SMS to 444 as shown above. The balance will be returned.

  • or Dial the USSD *444#

You can also use another option using dial and sending the USSD code to get your data balance.

  • To check your last 5 billable transactions Dial *5510#
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Since it is post paid or a contract phone you can also see your billing for the balance.

Hutch Data BalanceThese are your options when it comes to checking your data balance on the network. You can also use the USSD code to check you own identity by using  : #132# See other options with the Hutch network on this website. There is also a list of mobile phone operators in Sri Lanka as well as in India on this website with all their packages, offers as well as the USSD codes which may be of use to you. See the sidebar for more details in this regard. You can also see the Hutch balance check here.



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