Airtel Balance Code Sri Lanka

Airtel Balance Code Sri LankaThis is the Airtel balance code for Sri Lanka. If you need to find your balance on Airtel in Sri Lanka then you can use this USSD code to check your balance on the network. The Airtel Sri Lanka balance check USSD is mainly for prepaid customers. See the steps below to find what your data balance is today. See the Airtel balance check in Bangladesh also on this website.

Airtel Balance Code Sri Lanka

Follow these instructions to obtain your data balance on Airtel in Sri Lanka. There are three options when checking your balance:

  • Dial 567 and listen to the voice prompt

The first method is to dial the number and listen to your balance being read out to you.

  • Dial the USSD Code *550#

The second option is using the USSD code which will then text the balance back to you when you check your data balance.

  • Or SMS BAL’to 550

The last option is to send a text message by either using a number being 550 or BAL which will send the balance back to you.

You can also find the Airtel USSD codes on this website which might be of interest to you. This is mainly for the balance check on the network. Some of the other USSD codes which are also used would be the following. See how to activate these services as well as how to deactivate these services. Note the USSD codes also on another website. The Airtel Balance check in Sri Lanka is explained well enough above. Likewise also see the Airtel loan USSD on here.

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Airtel Loan Code Sri Lanka

To activate Airtel Loan in Sri Lanka you will need to use the following USSD code to start the process.

Dial *345#

Gift me Credit comes with its own terms and conditions however you can find these by using the following USSD code.

Dial *223# and follow the instructions

These are the two most commonly used USSD codes which you will need in Sri Lanka. You will either check your balance with Airtel or you can activate an Airtel loan code as well as how to transfer credit on the Airtel network while in Sri Lanka. Browse this website for more information as well as assistance. The Airtel Balance check is shown above and you can see how to check your balance on the network in Sri Lanka.


Activating Airtel Loan

1. Activating Airtel Loan: If you’re in Sri Lanka and need to activate Airtel Loan, you’ll use a special code called USSD code. It’s like a quick way to access certain services on your phone. To start the process, you’ll dial *345# on your phone.

2. Gift me Credit Terms and Conditions: Now, let’s say you’re interested in Airtel’s “Gift me Credit” service. This, which lets you send credit to someone. But before you do that, it’s important to know the terms and conditions. To find them, you’ll use another USSD code. Just dial *223# and follow the instructions. See also the Sri Lanka Airtel Loan USSD on here.

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3. Commonly Used USSD Codes in Sri Lanka: These two USSD codes are pretty handy and commonly used in Sri Lanka. With *345#, you can activate Airtel Loan, and with *223#. So you can find out the terms and conditions for Gift me Credit. These codes are useful whether you want to check your balance, activate a loan, or transfer credit to someone on the Airtel network in Sri Lanka.

4. More Information and Assistance: If you need more details or help. You can always visit Airtel’s website or browse around for more information. The balance check code is mentioned above. So now you can see how to check your balance easily on the Airtel network in Sri Lanka.

These USSD codes make things easier for Airtel users in Sri Lanka. This, whether you’re managing your balance, activating services, or sending credit to friends and family. Finally also see the article called the List of Airtel India USSD Codes 2022 on here as well.



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