Airtel validity check

GSMThere is the issue of the Airtel validity check. So in the dynamic landscape of digital connectivity, keeping track of your Airtel validity has never been easier. Transitioning smoothly between diverse methods, Airtel ensures you remain informed and hassle-free.

Airtel Validity Check

Beginning with the uncomplicated online approach, the Airtel Thanks App emerges as a one-stop hub for all your prepaid account details. Likewise, eliminating the need for USSD codes. However, for those who prefer codes, the 1212# USSD code efficiently reveals your balance, SMS, data, and validity information. Lastly also see the Airtel Sri Lanka USSD Codes as well as the SMS & USSD codes for Aircel.


  1. Effortless USSD Code Validity Check

Likewise using USSD codes to verify balance and validity is a popular choice. Dialing 1212# quickly unveils the intricacies of your Airtel account, including talk time, data, and validity status.

  1. Outgoing Validity Exploration

To examine your outgoing validity, dial 1212# or utilize the Airtel Thanks App. Likewise both revealing the remaining validity on the home screen. A simple tap provides detailed insights into your ongoing plan.

  1. Validity Check Through Airtel Thanks App

Download the Airtel Thanks App, log in using your mobile number, and instantly access balance, data, and validity data on the dashboard.

  1. Online Validation via Airtel Self-Care

Note that navigate to Airtel Self-care, input your mobile number, and log in using the OTP sent to you. Likewise the self-care dashboard showcases your Airtel validity and plan specifics.

  1. Incoming Validity Insight

Note that the discover the 7-day incoming validity period after your plan expires. Likewise allowing only incoming calls. Dial 1212# or use the Airtel Thanks App to verify your incoming validity, crucial for uninterrupted connectivity.

  1. Validity Check via SMS

Text ‘BAL’ to 121 and follow the interactive service message to access balance, validity, value-added services, and recharge options.

Likewise amid our fast-paced lives, Airtel’s diverse methods present a seamless means to remain up-to-date. The USSD code offers swift access, while the Airtel Thanks App revolutionizes convenience. Whether you’re embracing the future with USSD codes or capitalizing on the simplicity of apps. Lastly Airtel ensures your connectivity stays uninterrupted.


List Airtel USSD Codes To Check Service Validity 

Airtel USSD Code



Use to check Postpaid Airtel 4G Balance


Likewise check the Airtel Night Data Balance


DND Activation/Deactivation

*141*10# or 52141

In addition check the Airtel Loan Number


Airtel Value-Added Services


Airtel Special Offers and Rewards


Missed Call Alert


Local National SMS Packs


Know Your own Airtel number




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