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Airtel Talktime Loan

If you want an Airtel Talktime Loan then the instructions are below. If however you are looking for an Airtel Loan USSD then there is another process for that which you can find on this website. The Airtel Talktime loan is not for a data loan but a talk time loan. Much like other loans there is also conditions set to the talktime loan from Airtel. These have been added below for you to check.

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Airtel loan USSD

If you are looking at using the Airtel loan USSD then this is where you have the different options. Note that this is for a pre-paid SIM from Airtel. Much like transferring your Airtel balance there are conditions for the Airtel loan USSD. Note this before you start the process as explained below. The Airtel loan USSD code is as follow starting with the conditions. Note the full list of Airtel USSD codes on this website.

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USSD Codes to Check your own Mobile Number

These are the USSD codes to check our own mobile phone number in India. There are a number of operators and they have all bee added below. You will also note the USSD codes for each network. There is Airtel to Vodafone and other mobile phone operators in India. Search this website if you are also looking for the APN settings for your network in India.

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How to check Airtel data

These are the most common question Airtel members have. You will note that they are mainly about the USSD codes as well as recharge and balance checks. Search this website for more information on USSD codes for Airtel India. These are the two most important USSD codes from Airtel as the one is to check your data, the other is to check your balance and the other is to check your phone number.

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Airtel Recharge List – 2G Data Packs

These are the Airtel 2G recharge list for 2019. You will note that the Airtel recharge list might change from time to time. Check with Airtel if this recharge list is still current if this is post 2019. Note that some of the packages may change during this time. This is the current Airtel 2G recharge list as there is also a 3G as well as a 4G recharge list. Find the USSD codes from Airtel also on this website.

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What is Airtel WiFi balance

If you want to know your Airtel WiFi balance then you can find this below. There are a number of other options as well when it comes to WiFi balance such as data left on your mobile phone as well as being able to check your Airtel balance which have all been added below. Search this website for more USSD codes for the Airtel network.

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Airtel Balance Enquiry no / Check Balance Airtel

If you are looking for the USSD code for the Airtel balance enquiry then it is added below. Note that there are a number of USSD codes for Airtel which you can also find on this website. The balance enquiry number is only one of these. Note that there is more than one way to check the balance on Airtel with the USSD codes.

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Airtel to Airtel Balance Transfer USSD Code

The Airtel USSD code for an Airtel to Airtel balance transfer is listed below. This is a relatively new service with Airtel. There are charges for this and their are also certain conditions linked to this airtime transfer service. Note these conditions as well as the current charges for the balance transfer service with Airtel.

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