Airtel Balance Check Bangladesh

apn settingsIf you want to do an Airtel balance check in Bangladesh then see the USSD codes for the Airtel network in Bangladesh. You can check your balance as well as other facilities such as data balance as well as airtime balance. These USSD codes will only work on the Airtel network in Bangladesh. There are USSD codes for Airtel India as well as Airtel USSD codes in Sri Lanka. See those for more information. This si the Airtel balance code for Bangladesh.

Airtel Balance Check Bangladesh

Airtel Balance Check BangladeshIn order to check your balance with Airtel in Bangladesh you need to follow the table as listed below. You will note that they use a single digit USSD code for all their services. You can also call the following number for assistance with all the options being *121# which you can use for this purpose. The balance check on this network is for call time as well as your data balance on the network. See other options that are also available to you.

Single Digit USSDService Names
*1#Balance Check/Due Balance – Use this to check your balance on the Airtel network in Bangladesh
*2#Show own Mobile Number – This will show you your telephone number on the Airtel network.
*3#Data (MB) Check – Use this to check your data balance on the network which will show how many MB you have left.
*4#Internet Pack Purchase
*5#Popular Vas activation/deactivation
*6#Tariff Plan Check
*7#DND (Stop/Start Promotional SMS)
*8#Prepaid Air Credit
*9#All VAS Stop Request
*0#Minute Bundle
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Just dial *666# from your Airtel number & type your desired service name like – data, minute, balance & others. This is very easy to complete. There is no need for an operator. As you can see that with the USSD codes you can also check your account balance, check your package or tariff plan. There is also the option to activate you internet packages. You can also activate or deactivate value added services or transfer balance to another Airtel number.

Airtel Balance Transfer Bangladesh

You can also transfer your balance to another phone on the Airtel network. You will also note that the balance transfer between Airtel Prepaid to Airtel Prepaid is also possible. To use this service your phone must have been active for at least 30 days. There is also a minimum Tk.5 as well as a maximum Tk.100 which can be transferred in a single transaction.
There is also another limit being a maximum Tk.500 in one day as well as a maximum of Tk.1000 in one month. You also cannot transfer all your balance as there has to be 2.5TK available in your account after the transfer.

For transaction, customers can type BTR XXXX (PIN – OPTIONAL) 016XXXXXXXX (receiver mobile number) 100 (amount) and send SMS to 1000



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