Asha 202 – Change Default Memory

If you have an Asha 202 mobile phone and have received the “not enough memory” message then you might want to change a few things on your phone. This can happen when you are busy transferring files from your Bluetooth. Your phone memory is set with the internal memory being the “C” drive.

Now what you want to do is change your default memory to your memory card. So next time you download or transfer files it will save your files to the card and not your internal memory. This is how to do it:

  1. Go to Settings;
  2. Next click Phone;
  3. Next click Application Setting;
  4. Next click on Messaging;
  5. Then click Other;
  6. Now click Memory in Use;
  7. Change this from C: to E: (or whatever it is called)
  8. Thats it the Default Memory has been solved.


You can also find a copy of the user manual for the Asha 202 on this website. Search this website for more information and assistance.


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