Bluetooth Nokia 7230 – Memory Full

If you have a Nokia 7230 with a Bluetooth connection and you receive the message that the memory is full then the phone is using the internal memory instead of the card. There is a way to change the default storage drive of the phone.

The phone is very similar to the Asha 202 mobile phone. Try the following settings and most times this will change the default drive and make the memory error go away. The mobile user manual for the Nokia 7230 is on this website. You can check in the manual as well.

  1. Go to Settings;
  2. Next click Phone;
  3. Next click Application Setting;
  4. Next click on Messaging;
  5. Then click Other;
  6. Now click Memory in Use;
  7. Change this from C: to E: (or whatever it is called)
  8. Thats it the Default Memory has been solved.


The Nokia 7230 memory full does occur and see how you can fix this. The Nokia 5230 system corrupt is another common error. Finally there is the Nokia Asha WiFi setup is also explained here on this website.



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