Pantech User Manual for Flex (P8010)

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Pantech User Manual for Flex (P8010)

The Pantech P8010 came to market in September 2012. With a Super AMOLED Advanced capacitive touchscreen with 16Million colors it was a very popular phone in South East Asia. It runs on the Android Pantech User Manual for Flex (P8010)OS, v4.0.4 (Ice Cream Sandwich) which is upgradable to v4.1.2 (Jelly Bean). It is also powered by the well known Qualcomm MSM8960 Snapdragon chipset and a Dual-core 1.5 GHz Krait processor.

Like most mobile phones at the time it came with a Adreno 225 GPU which is still common in many mobile phone today. With 8GB of internal memory and  dual cameras’ 8Megapixel rear and 2Megapixel front it was what made it a good sell. 3 years ago these type of phones were not as common. Video on the phone was also very good running at 1080p@30fps.

The Pantech 8010 also came with EDGE as well as coverage for 2G, 3G and 4G bands. There is also GPS on the phone but for some odd reason no radio was built into the mobile phone. The phone does however come with Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n dual-band. Still a good phone today with a good battery life of more than 400 hours of standby time and 10 hours of talk time.


Setting up the Phone

When you turn on the phone for the first time, a welcome screen appears. To use Google applications and services, you must create or sign into a Google account. Additionally, you can synchronize Contact, Calendar, and Gmail data for each account if you register multiple accounts.

  • To initiate the setup process, select and tap a language, and then tap START.
  • Next, choose a phone experience by selecting and tapping, and then tap Next. Your phone provides two experiences, Pantech Easy and Standard. For details on how to change the phone experience, refer to chapter 3.
  • Tap Connect to Wi-Fi network, and then select and tap an available Wi-Fi network. If you prefer to connect to the network later, tap Skip and proceed to step 5.
  • After selecting a Wi-Fi network, tap Connect > Next. If the Wi-Fi network is secured, enter the password for it.
  • To set up a Google account, tap Tap to set up Google account, and then follow the necessary steps. If you wish to set up an account later, simply tap Skip.
  • If you want to use Google location services, tap OFF next to See location in applications (such as Maps) using wireless networks, and then tap Agree for Location consent. If you prefer not to use Google location, proceed to step 7.
  • Conclude the setup process by tapping Finish.
  • Before completing the setup, read the notice for recycling your device, and then tap OK.
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Resetting the Phone:

When resetting the phone, be aware that email, Google account information, and contacts will also be deleted. Therefore, it’s essential to back up your contacts, messages, photos, and other data before proceeding.

  • Access the Settings by tapping > Settings > Backup & reset.
  • Select Factory data reset.
  • Tap Reset phone.
  • Confirm the reset by tapping Erase everything.

Note: Resetting the phone will result in the loss of all data saved on the device.


Setting an Unlock Pattern, PIN, or Password

To enhance the security of your phone, you can set up a pattern lock, PIN lock, or password. Keep in mind the following criteria: for a pattern lock, connect at least four dots; for a PIN lock, enter at least four numbers, and for a password, use at least four characters, including at least one letter.

  • Begin by tapping > Settings.
  • Navigate to Security > Screen lock.
  • Choose and tap a lock type, then follow the on-screen instructions. If you prefer no screen lock, simply tap None.


Setting the Face Unlock Function

For a more personalized unlocking experience, you can utilize the Face Unlock function, which recognizes your face. However, note that this method is less secure than using a pattern or PIN.

  • Access the settings by tapping > Settings > Security > Screen lock > Face Unlock.
  • Initiate the setup by tapping Set it up > Continue.
  • Align your face with the figure on the screen.
  • Tap Continue once your face is captured.
  • Choose and tap the secondary unlock type.
  • Configure the secondary unlock settings and then tap OK
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Connecting to a Wi-Fi Network:

When activating Wi-Fi for the first time or after resetting the phone, follow these steps:

  1. Drag the area at the top of the screen downward.
  2. Tap Wi-Fi in Quick Settings to enable Wi-Fi. (Tap again to disable.)
  3. Select and tap a network from the Wi-Fi network list.

To Configure Wi-Fi Settings:

If you turn off and then on Wi-Fi again, the phone automatically connects to the most recent network. For alternative connections or Wi-Fi settings configuration:

  • Drag the area at the top downward.
  • Tap Wi-Fi Settings in Detail Settings or navigate to > Settings > Wi-Fi.

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Connecting to a Mobile Network:

Ensure you have a data plan for mobile network access.

  1. Drag the area at the top downward.
  2. Tap Data in Quick Settings to access the mobile network. (Tap again to disconnect.)

To Configure Mobile Network Settings:

Navigate to > Settings > More… > Mobile networks. Check Data Services to enable data access over mobile networks.


Setting up a Bluetooth Connection:

Bluetooth allows short-range wireless connections between devices within a 10-meter range.

Turning on Bluetooth:

  1. Drag the area at the top downward.
  2. Tap Bluetooth in Quick Settings to enable Bluetooth. (Tap again to disable.)

Pairing with Devices:

  1. Drag the area at the top downward.
  2. Tap Bluetooth Settings in Detail Settings.
  3. Select and tap a device from the list.
  4. Tap Pair. If prompted for a PIN, follow on-screen instructions.

Additional Bluetooth Notes:

  • Pair devices through > Settings > Bluetooth.
  • To unpair, tap next to the connected device and tap Unpair.
  • Some devices unpair as you tap them.
  • For Bluetooth on a PC, refer to your PC’s User Manual for compatibility details.

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Transferring Data:

Transfer Photos and Videos from Gallery:

  • Pair the phone with a Bluetooth headset or hands-free device.
  • Tap > Gallery > a photo or video > > Bluetooth > select a Bluetooth device.

Transfer Contacts:

  • Pair the phone with a Bluetooth headset or hands-free device.
  • Tap > Contacts > tap and hold a contact > Share contact > Bluetooth > select a Bluetooth device.

Additional Transfer Note:

  • Procedures and items available for transfer may vary.
  • If a device disconnects during connection attempts, enter the correct passcode for reconnection.

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Pantech User Manual for Flex (P8010)

Pantech User Manual for Flex (P8010)

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