Airtel Zambia APN Settings

APN Internet Settings See the Airtel Zambia APN settings listed below. If you are going to use the internet then the Airtel Zambia APN Internet Settings is what you are going to need. These internet settings will allow you to connect to the Airtel network in Zambia. You can also find the Airtel Zambia USSD codes on this website. These APN setting for Zambia can be used on an Android mobile phone. See the sidebar on how to enter these into your mobile phone.

Airtel Zambia APN Internet Settings

Airtel Zambia APN Internet SettingsIf you are running an Android mobile phone. You will on an iPhone you will need to do the following:

Settings ->Mobile Data -> Mobile Data Network

See the sidebar as to how to enter the APN settings into a Windows, Apple as well as on an Android mobile phone. Its a simple task that you will be able to do without much issues. These are the Airtel Zambia APN settings or internet settings if you wish to call it that:

  • Name: Airtel Zambia
  • APN: internet
  • Username: Not Set
  • Password: Not Set
  • Proxy : (leave it blank – not set )
  • Port : (Leave it blank – not set)
  • Server : (leave it blank )
  • MMSC : ( Leave it blank )
  • Multimedia Message proxy : (leave blank)
  • Multimedia message port : (Not Set)
  • MCC : (leave it as default)
  • MNC : (keep default)
  • Authentication type : (none/not set)
  • APN type : (default)
  • APN protocol : (IPv4)
  • Bearer : (Unspecified)
  • Mobile virtual network operator : (none )

You will note from the settings that most of the settings are left blank. If you are using Airtel Zambian WiFi then the next settings is what you will need to connect to the network as well. See the sidebar for Windows as well as Android and Windows options as to how to enter your APN settings. Likewise also see the Airtel data check as well as the Nokia 6.1 (3GB) GSM specs as well. See also the Nokia 7 Plus GSM on here as well.

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  • Profile Name: Internet
  • APN: internet
  • Access Number: #99
  • Username: leave blank
  • password: leave blank


Airtel Zambia

Hey there! So, if you’re using Airtel Zambia, here’s what you need to know about the settings. When you’re setting up the APN (which stands for Access Point Name), just enter “internet” in the APN field. You don’t need to worry about filling in the Username or Password fields, just leave them blank. For the Proxy and Port fields, don’t fill anything, just leave them as they are.

Same goes for the Server and MMSC fields, just leave them blank. Now, for Multimedia Message proxy, Multimedia message port, MCC, MNC, and Authentication type, you can also leave them as default or not set. The APN type should be set to “default” and the APN protocol should be set to “IPv4”. Lastly, for Bearer and Mobile virtual network operator, you can leave them as “Unspecified” and “none” respectively.

Likewise that’s it! Once you’ve entered these settings, you should be good to go with Airtel Zambia on your phone.




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