Nokia 9000 Communicator Review

See our Nokia 9000 Communicator review. Welcome to the world of business communication. It is 1998 and Nokia is still pushing mobile phones as business tools. The Nokia 9000 Communicator is its first push into the mobile computing market for the business community. There are trade off’s in this push but starts another trend where the Nokia 8110 started – connecting people by voice and text.

Nokia 9000 Communicator Review

The Nokia 8110 came with conference calling and was clearly aimed at the business community where people could hold meetings on the move. The Nokia 9000 Communicator added another dimension to the trend which had been started. Mobile documentation with voice abilities.

Now in order to keep the battery running and also keep the price down there has to be a trade off. This can be seen as the Communicator was not dual band and only came with 2G in the GSM 900 range. Its size was by no means small but you could still stick it into your inner jacket pocket. It did not weigh as much as what you would have expected being only 397 g.

Nokia 9000 Communicator ReviewIt came with a 640 x 200 pixels Grayscale LCD which was problematic in the sun and made use of a mini-sim. It also had a  second display. mobile processor started here in my view as this was the first time at least as I recall when a computer chip was used being the old Intel 386 processor. You might recall that those had been used in desktops years earlier. The Snapdragon might have found its origins in the Nokia 9000 Communicator where it became clear that voice + data was the future trend.

It came with a 4 MB set aside for the Operating System and applications, 2 MB program execution and 2 MB user data storage. All powered by your pre-runner of Android being the GEOSTM 3.0. See also the Nokia 6.1 mobile phone on here.

The Communicator however went back to a 200 entry phone book as well as the 10 dialed, 10 received, 10 missed calls call view ability. As I stated that there would have to be trade-offs in future designs. They did however retain the infra-red port which was becoming more useful now. It got its first “proper use” here as this is where mobile data started.

The Nokia 9000 Communicator only came in black with a 3 hour talk time and a 35 hour standby time. The trend for the future development of mobile phones had now been cast in stone. The future was voice and data on the move with the ability to connect it to your computer. That was 17 years ago this year!



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