Nokia 2220 Slide Manual

Released in February 2009 the Nokia 2220 Slide was a much better mobile phone than the clam-shell phone on the market as it did not have problems with the hinges which kept the phone together. The slide was much better and Nokia developed many mobile phones on the concept before and after the Nokia 2220 Slide.

Nokia 2220The slide made use of a TFT screen with 65,000 colours and came with a 128 pixels X 160 pixels. The phone much like the Nokia Asha 202 kept 1,000 phone numbers in a 32MB memory. The phone also came with a 3.5mm jack and a speaker which is common on all mobile phones. There is Class 10 GPRS which is slow being about 48kbps and also Class 10 EDGE which is a bit better at 236.8kbps. There is no USB or Bluetooth on this phone which is a bit of a downer as it limits the phone even more. It has a VGA camera with a 640*480 pixel ability and plays SQCIF video at 10fps which is very slow and will give you video that does not look too great. The phone only has WAP and MMS and SMS and it is a very basic phone. The cost is about US$60 a piece. If you are looking at a secondhand phone then this would be a good phone for basic connectivity with nothing too fancy. The phone is still very popular in India in the secondhand market.

Nokia 2220 Slide

Nokia 2220 Slide Manual



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