How to recharge Airtel card

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How to recharge Airtel card? Read further and see how to recharge you phone with Airtel. The process is very easy to follow and you can also find useful USSD codes below. Managing your balance on Airtel has also bee explained and you can see what your number is on the Airtel network.

How to recharge Airtel card

See how to complete this process below. Likewise also see How to check Airtel data on here as well as What is Airtel WiFi balance.

How to Recharge Your Airtel Card with Ease

When it comes to managing your Airtel services in Sri Lanka, there are various codes that can simplify the process. If you’re wondering about checking your Airtel number, the USSD code #132# comes into play. Just input this code using your keypad, hit send, and your Airtel telephone number will be promptly displayed. When you have loaded your blance you can also see how to check this with Airtel balance code Sri Lanka.

Managing Your Airtel Balance in Sri Lanka

Maintaining your Airtel balance in Sri Lanka is straightforward and convenient. For checking your prepaid balance, dial *550# on your keypad and send the request. Airtel will swiftly respond with your prepaid balance information. In case you’re a postpaid or contract user, uncovering your Airtel balance code involves dialing # on your keypad.

By inputting this code, your postpaid Airtel balance will be revealed, disclosing your available airtime. Additionally, your Airtel data balance code can be found in this section. Lastly also see Airtel Sri Lanka USSD codes as well as the Hutch balance code check.


ServiceUSSD CodeSMS
Owner Identity#132#
Balance  ( Prepaid )*550#
Balance  ( Postpaid )#
Reload card*567#cardNumber#
Customer careCall to 555


Navigating the Airtel Reload Code

Understanding the Airtel reload code requires a simple trick. Incorporate *567#cardNumber# into your keypad and then press send. This action will effectively replenish your Airtel card with the newly purchased airtime. The key is to remember the # at the start and again after entering the airtime card number.

With this method, reloading your Airtel airtime card becomes a hassle-free process. So, embrace the # and reload your Airtel airtime card effortlessly using this smart recharge code. See also how to Airtel Recharge List – 2G Data Packs as well as the



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