Hutch balance USSD code

GSMThis is the Hutch balance ussd code for you. To discover your Hutch data balance, you can utilize the process outlined below. Notably, the Hutch balance code is straightforward to comprehend. It’s important to observe that there are two distinct account types, each necessitating a distinct approach.

Hutch balance USSD code

This differentiation becomes apparent when considering both the prepaid and postpaid options. These alternatives are elaborated upon below, showcasing Hutch’s provision of multiple avenues to check data balance within their network. Furthermore, this website also offers access to Hutch MMS settings and Hutch APN settings. Likewise also see the How to recharge Airtel card as well as the Hutch Data Balance Check.

USSD codes are commonly used for checking account balances, including Airtel balance checks. These codes are entered into your phone’s dialer and then dialed, and they provide you with instant information about your account balance, data balance, and other related details. For Airtel, you can use specific USSD codes to check your prepaid or postpaid balance, data balance, and other services. Keep in mind that these codes might vary depending on your country and the specific Airtel network you are using. Always ensure you are using the correct USSD code provided by Airtel for your region.

Hutch USSD Balance Code (Prepaid)

  • SMS BAL to 344

You can send an SMS using either BAL and send it to 344 with an SMS and get your balance in return

  • or Dial the USSD *344#
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You can also use the USSD by simply dialing the number above.


Hutch USSD Balance Code (Postpaid)

  • SMS BAL to 444

For post paid Hutch you can do a data balance check by sending an SMS to 444 as shown above. The balance will be returned.

  • or Dial the USSD *444#

You can also use another option using dial and sending the USSD code to get your data balance.

  • To check your last 5 billable transactions Dial *5510#

Since it is post paid or a contract phone you can also see your billing for the balance.



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