Nokia 520 Copy Contacts

This is the Nokia 520 copy contacts procedures. If you are upgrading your phone then you will need to copy your contacts over from your old phone to your Nokia 520. With the Nokia 520 you can backup your phone book to Microsoft and then copy the data back onto you new mobile phone. This is however the Bluetooth option where you place the phone close to each other.

Note that this is very important. IF you old contacts had been in a language that is not English then you have to ensure that both phones are using the same language or it will not copy over the data correctly. Fonts such as Thai, Chinese or Hindi will create a new problem. Check the language settings on both phones before you start the process. See below how to change the language settings on the phone. You can also see the user manual for the Nokia 520 on this website.

Nokia 520 Copy Contacts

1. On your old mobile phone and switch the Bluetooth on;

2. On the start screen of the Nokia 520 you must swipe left;

3. Then you must tap untitled-1 Transfer my Data;

4. Tap continue, and switch Bluetooth on.

5. Now see your old phone from the list of found devices;

6. Now follow the instructions shown on both phones.

This is the easiest way to transfer your contacts without the need for an internet connection. If you do not have Bluetooth on the old phone then the internet option is going to one of the last ways to transfer your data. If the older phone is not a Microsoft phone then you should consider making a backup onto the SIM card and restore it from there.

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Nokia 520 Change Language

You can change the phones language settings as follows:

1. Tap settSettings > keyboard > add keyboards.

2. Select the languages you want to write in.

If you wish to remove a language on the Nokia 520 then remove the pre-installed keyboard, tap and hold the language you don’t want to use, and tap remove. You can switch languages on your keyboard Tap the language key repeatedly until the language you want is shown on screen as an option.



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