Error Code 801811A5

The error code 801811A5 means that you cannot connect to the internet. There are a few things to do to check why this error occurs while trying to update your mobile phone. These have been listed below.

Error Code 801811A5

  • See if you can browse the internet. If you cannot browse the internet then you need to check your cables if you are using a network. Also check if you are connected to the WiFi if you are using a wireless connection in the office or at home. Restart your wireless router to ensure a connection and wait 20 seconds to try again. Check if you still have a valid internet account if you are using GPRS. Check your GPRS settings on your phone.
  • If you can browse website but not run any updates then certain parts of the Zune software might not be loaded. Restart your phone and try again and this will load the software again.

Sure, here’s a simpler version:

So, you’ve got this error code, 801811A5, right? Basically, it’s just a fancy way of saying your phone can’t connect to the internet. You might see this error when you’re trying to update your phone. Likewise also see the Nokia 520 Memory Full on here. Lastly also see the Bluetooth Nokia 7230 Memory Full on here.


Here’s what you can do to fix it:

  1. First off, see if you can browse the internet. If you can’t, you might need to check your network cables or WiFi connection.
  2. Next, try restarting your wireless router to make sure it’s connected. Wait about 20 seconds and then give it another go.
  3. If you’re using GPRS, make sure you still have a valid internet account and double-check your GPRS settings on your phone.
  4. Lastly, if you can browse websites but can’t run any updates, then some parts of the Zune software might not be working properly. In this case, restart your phone and try again.
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