Samsung Wave 525 User Manual

See the Samsung Wave 525 user manual below. These are the details for the Samsung Wave 525 mobile telephone. This is one of the bottom of the range telephones of Samsung and has a very wide audience of users. These are the details and of the phone and the user manual attached below.

Samsung Wave 525 Review

Samsung Wave 525 User ManualFirst of all, this phone is meant for basic use because it doesn’t have fancy, high-tech features. That’s what Samsung aimed for in the entry-level market. The phone’s design is simple, with a regular rectangular shape and a thin chrome-like border. It seems they added these touches just to make it a bit more attractive, even though the phone itself is quite plain. The screen is 3.2 inches, but its resolution of 240×400 pixels isn’t very high. This means webpages won’t look very clear or sharp on this phone.


On the back, the phone features a 3MP camera, which is decent, but there’s a drawback: there’s no gallery button in the menu for your pictures, making it a bit challenging to navigate, especially for newcomers. One positive aspect is the rear pattern, which provides a better grip, a feature lacking in many phones today, including high-end ones.

Weighing just 100 grams, it’s lightweight and can easily slip into your pocket. Plus, it comes in three colors: black, white, and pink. However, the back isn’t very scratch-resistant. If you’re particular about appearances, it’s advisable to choose the black one, as the others tend to show scratch marks over time, especially when they come into contact with dirt. For more detailed information, you can refer to the Samsung Wave 525 user manual below.

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The phone runs on bada 1.1 which powers up the TouchWiz 3.0 user interface. The menu is basic as with most bottom end phones. This also comes with 100MB of memory which is not much if you want to run more apps. There is only one camera on the Samsung 525 and this is on the back. In its price range of about $160 you can’t expect much. There are some free games but not many. See also the Samsung Wave 525 Software on here as well as the Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy Note 9.


The phone operates using the Dolphin 2.0 browser, but there’s a hitch – it struggles with Flash. It offers connectivity options like EDGE, Wi-Fi, GPS, and Bluetooth 3.0, along with a built-in FM radio. Turning these features on and off is straightforward. While the phone allows you to play music, the sound quality isn’t top-notch; it comes across as rather cheap. Additionally, when it comes to video playback, the Samsung 525 lacks DivX/Xvid support, which could pose a problem for some users.


See also the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom as well as the Samsung Wave 2 mobile phone. This is a very basic phone more suited for kids. Those with a very tight budget or those who don’t mind losing their mobile phone. But I would not suggest buying it if you want. As an example what the Jones family has or want to expand the phone with apps and better games later. The specifications of the Samsung Wave 525 has been listed. This on another page here where you can see the Specification Samsung Wave 525 there are also the Driver for the Samsung Wave 525.

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Samsung Wave 525 User Manual.

Samsung Wave 525 Manual



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