Krait Processor – Nokia

Nokia uses the Krait processor from Qualcomm in its mobile phones. This is a comparison table of the processor in the Nokia mobile phone. If you have any questions about the processor then see the website of Nokia or Qualcomm for more information on the processor. You will note that the processor has 14kb in L0 cache and also 1Mb cache on the L2 with a dual core processor. See also the Exynos Series 9 and the Qualcomm MSM8655T processor.

The following is the last updates to the specs of the processor..

Qualcomm Scorpion

Qualcomm Krait




Pipeline depth

10 stages

11 stages

Out of Order Execution

Yes, non-speculative



VFPv3 (pipelined)

VFPv4 (pipelined)


Yes (128-bit wide)

Yes (128-bit wide)

Process Technology

65/45 nm

28 nm

Execution Ports



L0 Cache

4kB + 4kB direct mapped

L1 Cache

32 kB + 32 kB

16 kB + 16 kB 4-way set associative

L2 Cache

256 kB (Single-core)/512 kB (Dual-core)

1 MB 8-way set associative (Dual-core)/2 MB (Quad-core)

Core Configurations

1, 2

2, 4

DMIPS/MHz speed per core


3.1 (Krait 200) / 3.4 (Krait 300)

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