Cortex A5 Processor

These are the basics for the Cortex processor used in mobile phones. This being the Cortex A5 Processor. This has been used in phones such as the Nokia Lumia 510 which has an 800Mhz processor.There is also another popular processor being the Krait processor also made by ARM processors.

If you have any questions about the processors then you need to contact either the mobile phone manufacturer or the company who made them. These are only the basic specs for the Cortex A5. You can also find more mobile phone processors listed on our sister website.

Designed byARM
Instruction setARMv8-A
Cores1–4 per cluster, multiple clusters
L1 cache80 KiB (48 KiB I-cache with parity, 32 KiB D-cache with ECC) per core
L2 cache512 KiB to 2 MiB
L3 cachenone


  • This is pipelined processor with deeply out of order, speculative issue 3-way superscalar execution pipeline
  • DSP and NEON SIMD extensions are mandatory per core
  • VFPv4 Floating Point Unit onboard (per core)
  • Hardware virtualization support
  • Thumb-2 instruction set encoding reduces the size of 32-bit programs with little impact on performance.
  • TrustZone security extensions
  • Program Trace Macrocell and CoreSight Design Kit for unobtrusive tracing of instruction execution
  • 32 KiB data + 48 KiB instruction L1 cache per core
  • Integrated low-latency level-2 cache controller, up to 2 MB per cluster





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